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Top 5 Bridal Shower Group Personalities – The Ghost Mode Member




If you have ever planned or been involved in the planning of a bridal or baby shower, then you would expect that the first step to planning is forming a bridal shower/baby shower group. The group (whether on BlackBerry Messenger or on WhatsApp) is sort of a virtual round table; you basically want to invite all the bride’s friends, family, distant cousin and even just “Hello , Hi” friends… All protocols observed, to ‘sit’ and set the ball rolling as regards organizing a befitting shower.

As with all round table discussions, there’s always a Leader, the General Overseer, or more appropriate in this situation, the Ultimate Friend.

Apart from ensuring that the shower actually takes place (because many a bridal/baby shower groups are born, only a handful actually take place), the Ultimate friend has a far more tasking job, which is to manage the various personalities that will most certainly crop up within the group.

We have had clients (Bride’s best friend, friend and/or Sister) tell us tales of what they go through in their bridal shower groups. We have also formed some bridal shower groups when planning showers for our friends, so we are narrating these tales from sacks of experience. We would start with personality number 1 and we would introduce the other personalities in subsequent posts.

At Number 1, we have the Classic Ghost Mode Members.
We like to call them Ghost mode because they are invisible, silent, quiet, numb, whatever adjective that depicts an uncommunicative, almost breathless person, suits them. You would almost mistake them for the peaceful ones but oh no, do not be fooled.


Let us identify a Ghost Mode Member on BB as Sexy Damzel

So Sexy Damzel is added to the BB group of Bolanle’s bridal shower, she accepts the invite and from day one has determined in her mind to be silent!

We will create an epic chat scenario for the Ghost mode members so you can get a clearer picture of their nature.

So here we go:
Tola (Ultimate friend): Hello People! Thank you for joining the group for Bolanle’s bridal shower and thanks for your cooperation so far. I am sure she will do the same for all of us.

Member 2: You are welcome!


Member 3: No problem.

Member 4: LOL!

Sexy Damzel : Silence…. No response.

Tola (Ultimate friend): Please girls, we have concluded on all the plans, it will cost us NGN 8,000 each. Please let us try and pay up. Thank you.

Member 2: 8000 Naira for what please?


Member 3: Have we fixed a date?

Member 4: Ok please send your account details.

Sexy Damzel : Silence…. No response


Tola (Ultimate friend): Hello guys, thank you to everyone that has paid, I am still expecting payment from 3 people please. Kisses!


Member 8: Tola am so sorry, I would make payment ASAP.

Sexy Damzel : Silence … No response………….

(*meanwhile, Sexy Damzel changed display picture*)


Tola (Ultimate friend): Hello Ladies! The Shower is finally here!! … See you all soon!


Member 3: Yayyyyy!

Member 5: Who is bringing her oh?

Member 12: Sorry guys, I’ll be coming a bit late!

Sexy Damzel : …. (Yup! You guessed right! NO RESPONSE!)

And till the day of the shower, still silence, no response, no payment, and no show. But you see her updating her status every second!


To the Ghost Mode Members, why do you do this please? Why join bridal shower groups just to keep numb?

If you have ever put together a shower for a loved one, you must have come across these type of people. How annoying can it be? How do you deal with them?

Please share your thoughts and experiences with us especially if you have been an Ultimate Friend.

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