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How far Would You Go To Celebrate You Son’s 16th Birthday? Father Plasters Son’s Face Across Town To Celebrate 16th Birthday.




How would you celebrate your child’s sixteenth? A low-key dinner with close family? A big bash for them and all their friends? Or perhaps plastering their face across billboards all over town? One Chinese father decided to go for the latter option…

On December 17 motorists travelling in China, were surprised to find the face of a sweet young boy staring down at them and welcoming them to his birthday party.

The billboards along the stretch of road were all plastered with images of the young man and the text ‘welcome to my 16th birthday party’. People who spotted the signs uploaded photos to the web. Some people thought it was a really original way to celebrate a birthday while others criticized it as an over-the-top stunt.

The father of the boy on the posters later spoke to media outlets about the unusual stunt: “I am a trader. The ads are to celebrate my son’s birthday,” he said. “My son is in his third year of middle school and will soon have his 16th birthday, and I want to celebrate my son’s birthday together with family and friends.” In response to the criticism that rich people use their for selfish things like this, he said that “[the] billboards were erected by my company and I only spent 1,600 Yuan (US$257) to re-cover 16 boards. After the party they’ll be returned to normal.”

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