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Europe’s Fastest Growing Phone Brand, Wiko, Launches In Nigeria



 After establishing a strong market position in Europe in just three years, Wiko started its operation in West Africa by launching its portfolio of 10 phones in Nigeria on October 22.

Nigerian consumers are amongst the first in Africa to enjoy the “French touch” experience that has become a phenomenal success story across Europe. Known for its world-class technology, cutting-edge design and exceptional product quality, Wiko smartphones are now available at mobile phone outlets across the country.

Wiko has unleashed seven exciting models from which smartphone users can choose. Whether a technology savvy user, a regular user or a beginner, Wiko has a smartphone for everyone. Wiko also launched a range of three stylish feature phones for first time phone users.
Speaking at NIgeria’s launch event, Marcel Van de Pas, International Business Director, Wiko Global said, “We are delighted to bring the Wiko brand to Nigerian consumers.” He added, “Wiko is confident that our combination of stylish design, technology, quality and pricing will be a huge success here.”

For those who require the very latest technology, it doesn’t get any better than the flagship model, Highway. It is one of the first smartphones to use 2.0 GHz Octa-Core technology. The Highway’s exceptional features include a Gorilla Glass body, super bright 5” FHD screen, 16MP back camera and 8MP front camera. A smartphone that guarantees superior speed and performance, the Highway is one of the best-in-class smartphones available in Nigeria.

Rainbow is a lifestyle statement for the fashion-forward. With 5” HD screen, 1.3GHz Quad-Core and 8MP camera to capture all the social moments, the Rainbow defines Wiko’s French chic with a sleek design and a burst of colour options. Entry-level smartphone users can choose from Wiko’s Goa, Bloom, Sunset, Fizz and Lenny for the most user-friendly smartphone experience. In this range, Lenny is a remarkable choice with 5” FWVGA screen, 1.3GHz Dual-Core and 5MP camera. With Wiko available in Nigeria, this is an exciting time for phone users in the country as they can find a Wiko that easily matches their style, needs and budget.


Wiko, the No. 2 smartphone vendor in France*, is distinguished by its range of high-tech, high performance and attractively designed products. In just three years, Wiko has become a leader in the mobile phone market through strong partnerships with retailers and consumer enthusiasm. Two million users later, Wiko’s popularity continues to rise in Europe and it also exports its know-how to other continents. The RAINBOW confirms the phenomenal success of the brand. In France, this 5” smartphone launched in May 2014, became the No.1 phone sold online in June 2014 (source: GfK)

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