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Oyinye And Emeka’s Love Story




Emeka and Oyinye had known each about a year before they got together. They were introduced by family, but at the time they were both in different relationships so nothing jumped off. They maintained what Emeka termed ‘BBM’ relationship: utilizing different instant messaging apps to stay connected. Their unexpected friendship grew as they got to learn a lot about each other. They realized very early that they shared similar values on spirituality, family and personal issues. Plus, they has complimentary personalities- her introverted and soft-spoken nature balancing his extroverted and ‘larger-than-life’ persona.

In spring of 2012 their friendship evolved into a relationship as they continued to grow, bond and love each other. From the beginning, marriage was always something they talked about but they remained focused on building a healthy and loving relationship/friendship. They sensed very early on that they were meant for each other, as their heart grew fonder.


Emeka’s initial plan for the proposal was to have a stretch limo, with a personal chauffeur, pick her up from the airport once she landed into Pittsburgh. Drive her to a nice hotel where she would unwind and then join him for what would have been an epic night. The challenge was that he lives in Pittsburgh and they were experiencing the worst winter season in 19 years. Thus, flight delay forced him to call a last minute audible – send the chauffeur home, reschedule hotel welcome package and accommodation, and cancel all the activities planned for the night. 8 hours later, she made it to Pittsburgh. Her checked-in luggage didn’t!

The next day, he was determined to follow through with his proposal despite the 6 inches of snow they received and missing luggage. It started with a stop at the mall to pick up a dress, plus 1001 things a lady with a missing luggage would need to prepare for a ‘fake’ dinner party. He had her dress up thinking they were going to some fancy dinner party, but only to have a stretch limo pick them up. After stops at a museum, winery and dinner at a restaurant overlooking the city, the limo slowly drove them around the city to view its spectacular skylines, they went home after that for movie night… What initially started out as a movie ended with a presentation detailing the many reasons. Why I love Onyi. At the end of the presentation, he got on one knee and popped the question.

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