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Event Networking: 5 Quick Tips To Get People To Talk To You




Do you find event networking difficult? The first step is initiating a conversation, which can be a tricky task. In order to get people to talk to you, try implementing the following tips to get the conversations flowing.

1. Be Prepared: Before an event, do a little research about the other attendees and sponsors that will be there. A good place to start is by checking out the event website . This information will give you a great foundation to identify common ground with other attendees. Also, make sure you are able to answer the most important question of all – What brings you to this event? Having a few answers prepared about you and your business

2. Be inviting: Without knowing it, we send out non-verbal cues with our body language. This means that someone can look across the room and identify if you are open to conversation. Making eye contact with a friendly smile will get you much further!
Keep your phone in your pocket because no one wants to talk to someone who looks preoccupied. Also, don’t forget to dress the part! Put your best foot forward by dressing to encourage open communication with a professional yet accessible style so you look like someone interesting to talk to.

3. Don’t be a wallflower: Position yourself near appropriate places where organic event networking will occur. Don’t stay by the food area because people may not want to bother someone who is eating. Plus, let’s face it, who can talk freely with their mouth full .
You may want someone to approach you, but don’t be afraid to make the first move. More than likely, others are looking to strike up a conversation as well. Often times, just letting people come to you results in getting sales-pitched at relentlessly. Take the time to make beneficial connections like the super connectors who will introduce you to those right people.

4. Be authentic: Although you should practice beforehand to boost confidence, you don’t want to sound too rehearsed. You want to be friendly, authentic and engaging. That means allowing for natural conversation to flow. Don’t go on and on about yourself or your business, but instead, be an active listener, ask questions and show your interest.
At an event it’s important to mingle.


5. Set objectives: Remember the reason you’re attending the event. Keep that in mind and stay focused on your objectives. Keep the ‘why’ in mind while you mingle. Setting clear objectives prior to the event will help guide you in determining who you need to connect with in order to meet your goals.

Use these tips to get the conversation started at your next event. These may seem like no-brainers, but they can truly impact your networking experience.

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