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HowWellDoYouKnowMe: Provide The Correct Answers To These Question To Win My Birthday Freebie




Hello my super H.E.B readers, thank you for the birthday wishes.. Una do well! As you all know, it is gradually becoming a tradition to give out freebies on my birthday to those who get the correct answers to the questions asked. This year, i’ll be giving out throw pillows, skin care products, neck piece etc. All you have to do is post the correct answers to the questions in the comment box. Also leave ur name and contact no.. Let the game begin #HowWellDoYouKnowMe

1. What is my shoe size?

A. 38

B. 39

C. 40

D. 41


E. 37

2. Name 5 gadgets i use in blogging

3. Which of these is the latest item I just bought for my blogging business?

A. Power bank

B. Imac


C. Canon 500D

D. Kino Flow Light

E. Extension Box

4. Which hospital did my mum give birth to me?

A. County Hospital Ogba


B. Ikeja General Hospital

C. Island Maternity

D. Eko Hospital

E. Gbagada General Hospital

5. What day of the week was I born? Let me give u guys a clue to the answer of this question.. I was born in 1985 so if u’re smart, u’ll get the answer to this question.


A. Monday

B. Wednesday

C. Thursday

D. Friday

E. Tuesday

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