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Who Really Made The Suit Don Jazzy Wore To Tiwa’s Wedding: Conflicting Report Between Two Designers



Hi guys, how did your weekend go? I hope you stayed glued to my
blog for pictures and update from Tiwa and Tee Billz wedding. Today is
a good day for me! You know why? It’s because I’ve been waiting for an
opportunity to write about the way Nigerian designers steal each
other’s jobs. I remember last September, a friend of mine asked me to
get him a designer who could make a nice native attire for him. I got
in touch with a few friends of mine who referred me to some designers.
In order to be sure that they made nice designs, I asked that they
send pictures of their designs. Lo and behold oo! Three different designers I contacted sent the same pictures containing the same designs and the same people that wore the
cloth. Ahan! I was so shocked that I couldn’t even figure out who
exactly made the clothes so I had to just ex it and get him a regular tailor that I’ve
seen his perfectly made designs. This brings me back to the issue at

A Nigerian designer called Taryor Gabriel claims he made
the suit Don Jazzy wore to Tiwa’s wedding, meanwhile another Nigerian
designer called Kinghakbal re-posted Don Jazzy’s picture on Instagram with this
caption. #Donbabajayonalmightysharpkinghakbalpowerblue.. See pix below

The authentic designer got a wind of the info and checked it out… Of course this didn’t go down well with him, Taryor claim that Kinghakbal deleted the negative comments but still left the pix and the caption credited to himself. Basically, my point is, why would anyone want to take credit for a job that is not his? Why do some people like to shine on someone else’s hard work, time, energy and sleepless nights? Why not allow the person who has the original work get applauded for a job well done? Is it only in Nigeria things like this happen? There is nothing wrong in giving credit to whom it is due. It’s high-time lazy designers
stopped stealing each other’s jobs and stop deceiving us into believing they made designs that are not even credited to them at all. It is unfair to shine off or claim someone else’s glory. To me people who do that do not have a conscience.
What do you think? Share your thoughts…

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