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Nyanya Explosion: Edwin Clark Wants Confab Delegates To Use Their Allowance To Fight Terrorism




Frontline Ijaw leader and delegate at the ongoing National Conference, Chief Edwin Clark has called on Nigerians to put all hands on deck in order to fight terrorism in the country.

Clark who is just recovering from the abduction and freedom of his son, while speaking at the National conference session yesterday, called on fellow delegates to contribute their feeding allowances to combat insecurity in the country.

His words: “The issue of my son that was kidnapped is no longer an issue compared to what has happened. What is happening now is a national issue. It is not a North or South issue. Wherever it is happening, Nigerians are being killed and Nigerians are under siege.

”We have a duty to look at this issue and not to play politics with it. Security is doing its job. They need the support of every one of us; soldiers alone cannot fight this war. I think it has come to a stage where all must be involved. When my son was kidnapped, all of you rallied together. He is not dead. Everyday we sit down here deliberating. What are we debating about? Will Nigeria be eradicated before we know it is here with us?

”This conference must do something about it. This conference must send a message to the authorities that something must be strongly done about it. Instead of me going to eat at 2 pm, monetise it and send it to those who are dying fighting this scourge. The time has come for all of us to do something.”

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