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Jaywon/Kennis Controversy: ‘My Contract’s Expired, I Need To Move On – Jaywon




James Oluwajuwonlo Edahi (Jaywon) is allegedly embroiled in a controversy surrounding his contract with Kennis Music with reports that Kennis Music has advised all broadcasters to desist from playing any of Jaywon’s material pending the resolution of the contract buy-out request.

But the singer has refuted rumours of a fight between himself and label boss Kenny Ogungbe in an interview with music station Nigezie saying he only wants to leave the Kennis Music since his contract has now expired.

‘I feel this is the best time for me to actually be on my own. I appreciate Kennis Music and will always do. Kennis did it for me and I’m grateful for that but the thing is my contract has expired and I need to move on’, Jaywon said in the interview.

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