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H.E.B Wedding: Seven Unique Ways To Ask Your Friends To Be Your Bridesmaid




First of all, if you’re recently engaged, CONGRATULATIONS! This is a really exciting time in your life. I’ve never been engaged or married but I’ve been a bridesmaid for a lot of my friends, my sister’s friends and hopefully, I’ll ask some of my unmarried friends to be my bridesmaid when the time comes. Today on H.E.B wedding, I’ll be discussing creative ways to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids and that’s because a certain lady sent a bbm broadcast message asking her contacts to let her know if they are interested in been her bridesmaid. That for me, was so inappropriate … I mean, how will you ask strangers on your bbm to ping you if they interested in been your bridesmaid… People who you can’t vouch for , people who you do not know their family background, attitude, behavior etc, you don’t even know if one of them is a of the girls could just steal your money or your wedding ring and off she goes.. She’ll delete your contact from her bbm and of course you won’t have her house address because she’s not a close friend. Most times a bride-to-be would ask her friends via a phone call, text message or a personal bbm chat (not a broadcast message). Truth is asking via phone call, text message to me is the old fashion way.. I’m not saying you can’t ask through these method but there are other creative, fun ways to ask your friends to be your bridesmaid on your big day.

1. Through A Bottle Of Wine: You can easily purchase bottle labels then stick them on a few bottles of wine. You can even personalize the bottles with the picture of each bridesmaids. This will be a great idea if you want to keep it simple with your bridesmaids.

2. Through Jewellery: A locket won’t be a bad idea

3. Funny Personal Card: You can create a custom card that proposed the question.


4. Cupcakes: You can place order for a box of cupcake with an inscription on each cupcake

5. Bridesmaid Survival Kits: A survival kit will also make a lot of sense.. You could have piece of jewelry , personalized wristwatch, wedding color palette , lip gloss or nail polish you want them to wear on that day.

6. Surprise Adventure: taking your girls for an unexpected outing and asking them all at once is a great way to invite them to be a part of your big day. You can take them to the Spa, restaurant or the Movies.

7. Give Them Something In Return: You can give your bridesmaids something in return for standing by you on wedding day.

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