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I Travel To Source For The Best Selling Highest Grade Human/Virgin Raw Hair – C.E.O Bisola Hair




Helen Events Blog caught up with the brain behind Bisola Hair and this is what she had to say about her popular celebrity brand

Briefly tell us about yourself?

I am a trained Professional hair specialist consultant, C.E.O of ‘Bisola Hair’, based in New York and London. Bisola Hair is popular celebrity hair brand that sells the highest grade human virgin/raw hair. Bisola Hair is a leading hair system manufacturers distributors retail/wholesale and suppliers.
We offer top quality 100% human virgin hair wefts and glueless silk top full lace wigs to ladies in Nigeria, London, New York and the rest of world.

What motivated you to venture into the hair business and how long have you been in the business?

I really love hair.
Right from when I was a young girl, I would do my hair myself and girls always wanted to know who and where I did my hair.
I decided to do a hair medical course, and then I set up my very own hair business.
And now my hair business has been running successfully for 6 years now.

Tell us about your products


My hair products are beautiful and fantastic, I say this as all my customers tell me this.
We sell celebrity glamorous exclusive natural human virgin/raw authentic extension hair weave/weft. Hair loss, alopecia, african/american hair trichotillomania, chemotherapy, hair replacements undetectable, invincible, invisible natural hair line silk top glueless full lace front wigs system units.
My lace wigs are so beautiful can be worn for fashion or for medical use like ladies suffering from damage hair line, severe hair loss my wigs are great for.
How do you source for your products?

I personally travel with my assistant to Peru, Malaysia and Mongolia to source the best selling highest grade human virgin/raw hair.
All Bisola Hair is 100% real hair. No tangles. No shedding. No knotting just high standard quality hair.
Bisola Hair is a very classy hair brand, and only gives customers the very best durable re-useable hair always!!

Bisola hair is an international brand so why and when did you introduce it into the Nigeria market?

I officially introduced and launched Bisola Hair in 2012 in Nigeria.
Everyday we would get 100’s of emails and calls from the lovely ladies in Nigeria that they desperately wanted Bisola Hair in Lagos, Abuja and Port harcourt.
Customers are always right, naturally we just had to listen to our customers. So glad we did as Bisola Hair is doing Incredibly well in Nigeria.
What were the challenges you encountered when you started the hair business?

I never had much challenges. I’m some one that’s very focused and driven. I work very hard to acheive my goals.

What makes Bisola hair unique from all other types of hair in the Nigerian market?

For a start I’m told by my Nigerian customers that most hair sellers in Nigeria sell fake hair mixed with synthetic fibers and animal hairs, this is why most hair tangle and shed very badly.


Bisola Hair is very unique. We sell deluxe Peruvian, Mongolian, Malaysian, Cambodian, Brazilian, Indian, gorgeous luxury exotic real natural human virgin soft smooth hair from one donor. Are hair is not processed at all
the cuticle layers are intact going the same direction Bisola Hair is always super premium hair.
We know the hair business is capital intensive. So how much was the start-up capital?

I spent a lot of money to start up Bisola Hair. I don’t have NO regrets as it’s all been worth it. Very good investment. Thank God.

Although you are a Nigerian nevertheless you were born in London and grew up in New York so how were you able to break into the Nigerian fashion market?

Just pure hard work, networking and very good contacts I guess.
The hair business is not an easy business.
There are a lot of hair distributors vendors selling hair all over the world. I always need to be very creative, fashionable up to date and be current to keep Bisola Hair at the top.
Hair business is very competitive, if your not good, you’ll be forgotten very easily.
Who are your target markets considering the fact that it is an international brand? Can the average Nigerian woman afford it?
Who and where are your biggest clients? Who are some of them?

Bisola Hair is for every ladies who wants to look great and wear exclusive top quality glamorous charming real human natural hair. We do not discriminate!!

My biggest clients are… I will only give the names of my clients who have given me permission for this interview, Senator Ita Giwa, Nollywood Actresses Ini Edo, Mercy Aigbe, Biola Ige, Anglea Okorie, Nkiru Sylvanus, there are hundreds more customers, but they want to remain confidential.
Why call it Bisola hair and not something else?

My aunty Dupe used to call me from Nigeria like 3 times a week and say “Bisola I want that curly tight curls hair, the kinky one.
I want that gorgeous Bisola Hair“ she used to say to me.
Bisola is my name and I specialize in hair, so I just thought to myself why not call it Bisola Hair named after me.
I’m very happy to have my brand to be named after me.
What are the different kinds of hair you deal in?

We sell luxurious silky bone straight cambodian virgin hair, Peruvian stunning super afro tight kinky curly loose curls virgin hair, amazing Mongolian smooth natural wave virgin hair, Malaysian brilliant thick density body wavy virgin hair, Brazilian lovely super soft low in luster virgin hair, Indian natural color fantastic virgin hair that holds curls for days.
How would you describe the hair business?
How much is your business worth?
What advice do you have for young women and men alike who want to venture into the hair business?

The hair business is a very good one to be in. It’s a very tough industry to be in to.
You need to work extremley hard, be able to travel abroad a lot to source good new excellent clean healthy hair.
You need to be able to understand what your customers want, then give them the very best fabulous hair always.
BB-PIN 2779F196
London Office Whatsapp +447943025864
New York Office +13473542005

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