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Things Women Go Through In Marriage




A young woman meets a young man when he had nothing, stood by him through thick and thin and gave him her life savings and made him a better man…fasttrack to two years ; the Husband is well established, told his wife to quit her banking job, opens a big boutique for her and the story changed: In-Laws clamped down on the wife, said she tamed their son and bewitched him, why would he open a boutique for her and not his mum or sis or rather give the family the money….they put pressure on him to leave her; he couldn’t do it and he started abusing her physically….he couldn’t take a stand and tell them the truth and role the wife played in his life…..she was thrown out of her matrimonial home with nothing, they took her kids from her as well and the Husband did nothing.
I am angry and sad; why would they do this to a fellow sister and friend, why do most African mother in laws and in laws in general see their daughter in law as competition, a man who was nothing and had nothing to his name when he was still single and living under his parents, gets married and things turn around for him with the help of thesame woman they now tag a witch. I don’t understand our people sometimes….
I can’t imagine myself doing this to anyone ever. Sincerely, if as a man you can’t take your stand and be firm with your own family on issues concerning your mariage most especially your wife then you have no business getting married! Phew! !!!

By Esther Ijewere (Walk Against Rape)

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