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RMD’s Wife, Jumobi Talks About The Secret Of Their 13 Year Success In Marriage




Being a wife to someone of Richard mofe Damijo’s status should definitely take more than beauty but a lot of intellectual prowess and understanding. One wonders how RMD’s wife, Jumobi has been able to cope all these years. The love and stability in the marriage of the veteran actor and his wife seem to be waxing stronger by the day. In a low event marking her 13 years of marriage, Jumobi revealed that the secret to her marital success is that they have been able to keep it out if the preying eye if the public. Jumobi said she gradually eased herself out of that circle to avoid journalist making her and her marriage a headline. Another reason according to Jumobi is the grace of Almighty God who has kept them together as one. Jumobi explained that although they always have issues or scores to settle like any other couple but they have been able to forge ahead in spite of all the challenges. But for God, it would have been a different ball game.

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