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My Opinion on Eedris Abdulkareem song “Godfather Godson”, Boko Haram and GEJ Operations By Tolu Speaks



As a freelance journalist who has written for many publications both national and international including reporting for the CNN, it takes great research and finding to do pieces on national issues. Yes i may be living here in the UK but follows the happening in Nigeria.

My main focus in this article is to employ and plead with all our celebrated musicians, actors and actresses in Nigeria to lead the campaign of a new Nigeria.

In my topic, I made mentioned of one of Nigeria’s great and controversial musician; Eedris Abdulkareem, who lead a campaign against the then government under ex-president Chief Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo.

I wish all other Nigerian musicians will follow Eedris Abdulkareem step and record off album special project songs to address the issues in Nigeria. Movies directors producing films to address the issues also.

The song “Nigeria Jaga Jaga” went viral like a national anthem. Lest we forget, Eedris Abdulkareem was banned by the then president for the song. It was a pity that no one stood up to fight that. Other celebrities that would have used their influence on their fans to lead a campaign against the government or issues affecting the country never did. All people do is complaining and condemning those making moves related to the issues affecting the nation.


Presently, the talks in the media are all about the Boko Haram and corruptions from the government. We need the celebrities in the entertainment to come out to address these issues.

The truth about the Boko Haram is clear. Many are scared to speak the truth. Before I go further into analysis, taking a look at comments, tweets on the internet; I felt happy that many are saying things from my point of view.

A tweet from a celebrity music blogger Ovie of Notjustok read:

It’s clearly not a religious war. Boko “Harm” is political. War against GEJ and his Government.

I agreed with Ovie on this with reasons based on the truth and words of the masses on the internet and from Eedris Abdulkareem song “Godfather Godson”, many questions needed answers. I picked few lines from the song and went back to ex-president Obasanjo letter and President Jonathan’s reply, couple with words from the oppositions to this current government.


The last Boko Haram strike came up a day before and on the day of the centenary celebration.

It’s obvious that President Jonathan’s opposition are at work and it’s a pity that instead of facing the truth, many are just blaming the president. I am not saying the President is 100% perfect in his doing or decisions because no one does. My questions are; the borno massacre and other Boko Haram operations Political or Religious based? We all remember how they started, their word on why they arise! It there fight right now based on western education or otherwise? Who is really their sponsor? Read through the ex-president OBJ letter and Jonathan’s reply. We need answers to this question?; Who are the sponsors of the Boko Haram?

I think it’s now time we stop criticising President Jonathan alone and let’s look at ways to create solution and think deep on who are the people responsible for the Boko Haram operations.

This is not the time for conspiracy theories around the president & the Boko Haram operations, like the words from El Rufai frequently on twitter.

It shows he and some of his friends are anti-Jonathan. I remembered a tweet from him connecting the President with the Boko Haram. It is possible for Jonathan to setup the Boko Haram operative to damage his own government and reputation?


It’s time we all come together to fight for our country Nigeria like many of us are doing which is why I like Eedris Abdulkareem. Bloggers, the media, responsible Nigerians on twitter etc. Let stop judging by what we read or hear. Make finding, think and contribute as a Nigerian.

I remembered a tweet from Tosin Adeda;
Omo Jesu @tosinadeda Feb 27
Find a solution to #bornomassacre, bring justice to the lost lives, make the people safe .. Instead they result to cheap blackmail!

Omo Jesu @tosinadeda Feb 27
Waiting on Nigerian artistes to come together, get in a studio, create an awareness to end this mayhem! #bornomassacre #yobemassacre

I also read many tweets and comments online on the “Godfather Godson” song from Eedris Abdulkareem; many of which are just pure hating. Let other influential celebrities in the entertainment industry do something like he has been doing. As far as I am concern, he is an activist who put his life and career at risk for the country Nigeria. No other Nigerian musicians can ever dare what he did with the “Jaga Jaga” saga. He also sang about the issue of Lecturers and female student saga. The only musician who has the power and mind to do the same is late Afrobeat king Baba 70; Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

Many people said Eedris Abdulkareem has collected money from Jonathan to sing for him, the question now is did he also go paid to sang “Nigeria Jaga Jaga”? I can remember few years ago who Eedris stood up to accused same Jonathan regarding the fuel subsidy like every other Nigerians, no one talk about that. Yes President Jonathan may have his wrong but as far as I am concern, he has good records and has done well aside the battle with the Boko Haram and few decisions.


He can’t do it alone, and if we are to look at the appointment of ministers, it is only in Jonathan’s administration that we have more female in power. If one minister performs below his expectation he has the right to remove and appoint a new minister because if things go wrong, all blames goes to Jonathan.

It’s a pity that once a minister or someone in power is removed from office, they will sponsor unprofessional and hungry media peeps (conservative political blogs and bloggers) to write and poison people’s mind.

Let us stop this act of pointing fingers without making finding and thinking about the issue. Don’t judge situations based on what you read alone like I said earlier.

I am not a Pro-GEJ but a Nigerian sharing his own views and opinion, but I must admit that the song “God Father God Son” and it current trending on twitter inspired this write up. We all have our thoughts on the issues at hand that needed answers; The Boko Haram, Eedris Abdulkareem’s “God Father God Son” in response to Ex-president OBJ’s letter, President Jonathan’s administration, The corruption etc.

Like @BossRicky01 said quoted below
Sola#DareMeQuestions @BossRicky01 1h
“Let’s leave GEJ alone and ask ourselves how have you helped/motivated/inspire and encourage your fellow man today #Thequestion.”


These are just my opinions and not campaign for anyone. I welcome diverging perspectives.

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