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K1 & Saheed Osupa Reconcile In Ijebu Ode




The long-standing fight between the K1 de Ultimate and Fuji sta, Saheed Osupa is now a thing of the past. The rift came to an end during the wedding ceremony of one of K1’s daughters in Ijebu Ode.

How It Was Settled

At exactly 3.05pm that day, Saheed came to the venue in company of a few friends. He quickly went straight to the seat of a long time friend of K1, Akin Fijabi. As this was going on outside, K1 was inside the building.. Few min later, he came out and immediately, Fijabi guided Osupa to where K1 was, he (Osupa) prostrated before him, and held his leg, as a sign of respect to him. K1 quickly brought him up and warmly hugged him. As the drama was unfolding, Fijabi told K1 to forget the past, and accept the peace overtures of Osupa. There and then, K1 held Osupa’s hand and introduced him to the important dignitaries present at the event.


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