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3 Reasons Why You Should Attend ‘Unknot Your Tie With Omobaba’ Free Comedy Show



Hi everyone, welcome to another event review… For sometime now I’ve gotten several BBM(Blacbkerry Messenger) messages publicizing Omobaba’s comedy show which comes every wednesday at Rodizzio restaurant on Isaac John, Ikeja, GRA. The first time I attended his show was sometime in January I think…hmmmm! I’m not quite sure now but anyway, I attended the show and I had a good time. So last week Wednesday, I was bored so I decided to show up at the show and guess what? For the second time, I must say that I had a good time and I felt it would be very thoughtful of me to let you guys in on the hottest place to chill out every Wednesday evening. Here are my three major reasons why you
should attend ‘Unknot Your Tie With Omobaba’ comedy show:

1. It relieves you of the stress you must have gone through at work; If you have a job that stresses you out or you had a “fight” with your colleague, boss, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, conductor, etc… Lol! Or you’re just not in a good mood at all… The best place for you to relieve yourself of whatever it is that is stressing you, bothering you, is at this show. Reason being that Omobaba gives a lot of young guys the opportunity to display their talent.. So you have several talented comedians coming up the stage to crack jokes that would make laugh till you forget your sorrows, the jokes are not the same and it’s not just about cracking jokes, there’s music, there’s a live band, there’s a D.J. However you want it… E boku for there.

2. Traffic Palava- I know a lot of people spend so much time in traffic, your legs hurt from pressing your car break, clutch, accelerator and especially if you drive a manual car, driving in traffic can be so so so stressful. No one really loves to gets stuck in traffic for hours-especially me. I’m not sure I’ve met anyone who hates traffic as much as I do. So on a Wednesday evening, you could just decide to stop by at the show, have fun, have drinks, while away time and by the time the show is over you’ll just have a smooth ride home without stress at

3. It is a hub to meet new people- Yes! This show is an avenue for you to meet people from various works of life (bankers, industry guys, celebrities, etc they all attend. If you’re willing to get new clients, business partners you might want to give it a thought and attend cos really, you never know where the opportunity lies for you to move your business to the next level. The show comes up every Wednesday and it is absolutely FREE. There’s no Regular Table, VIP Table or VVIP Table. Everybody is EQUAL and this makes it even much easier for you to make new friends, meet new business partners and clients. Who knows, you might even meet your better half there sef. So ‘don’t dull yourself’ oo. Come and have fun
next week wednesday.

Omobaba did not pay me for this hype o but am telling you guys
because I love you from the bottom of my heart… Kisses!!!

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