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Nollywood Actress, Rukky Sanda Fights P.A Publicly Over Bottle Of Bailey’s



Nollywood actress Rukky Sanda got more than she bargained for at The Palms inside The Game shop where she stormed with a guy who is said to be her PA. according to eyewitness, the actress who looked dashing in a long sleeved gown, pulled a crowd and passersby when she pounced on her P.A. Angrily for giving out a bottle of BaiLeys drink she bought from the trolley the guy was pushing. The P.A who was dazed by her outburst narrowly escaped a slap from Rukky who fumed to sack him instantly but for the intervention of some customers who chastised the actress for fighting publicly just over a bottle of Baileys. The visibly angry P.A while thanking the man who consoled him said that the one he gave out. Was just the small free bottle. At the point, the actress who could no longer bear the criticism from fans that gathered, angrily rushed out of the mall.

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