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BBA Winner Dillish And Long Term Boyfriend Finally Splits




Big Brother Africa winner Dillish Mathews and her boyfriend Stephen Gaeseb have broken up. This was confirmed in a recent interview Gaeseb granted Namibain Sun.

The Namibian was in a long time relationship with Gaeseb, and in December 2013, just months after winning BBA, the relationship crumbled.

Matthews has been accused of being a gold digger, claims Gaeseb has debunked.

“It wasn’t about money. It’s just that we both agreed we were better apart. Dillish isn’t just physically beautiful, she’s amazing and I respect her”, he told the paper.

It was speculated that Matthew’s walked out on the relationship because he got another woman pregnant. Gaeseb denies the claims but has however admitted exchanging flirtatious text messages with a Nigerian woman but says he didn’t cheat.


He said: “While Dillish was on the show, there was a Nigerian woman who was helping to campaign for people in her country to vote for her. I was in contact with her because I helped with thecampaigning.

“We flirted via text messages and so on. I mean all guys flirt, it doesn’t mean you intend on acting on it”, he added.

“She then sent a snapshot of our conversations to a friend of Dillish, who eventually sent it to Dillish. We had an argument about that, which led to an argument about other things and we both said some things that we wish we didn’t. After that we decided to break-up and haven’t been together since December.”

“The pregnancy and the cheating rumours are all ridiculous. I was shocked when I heard that I impregnated another girl and that I have many other kids. I have a ten-year-old boy. This alleged pregnancy is just untrue.” Gaeseb said.

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