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NBA, CACOL Call For Oduah’s Removal Over Alledged Certificate Scandal



Chairman, Ikeja branch of the Nigerian Bar Association, Mr. Onyekachi Ubani, and the Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, said on Wednesday that Ms Stella Oduah, who is embroiled in a fresh certificate scandal, was no longer fit as the nation’s Minister of Aviation. Since the news broke that she did not obtain a MBA degree from the college, several attempts had been made to edit her resume and profile on different online platforms.

On Wikipedia for instance, her page was edited 19 times between 1.56pm and 5:05pm on Tuesday. Previous calls for her removal when the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority allegedly bought two bulletproof cars for her at N255m had been ignored by President Goodluck Jonathan. Ubani said on Wednesday that with the latest scandal there should be no reason to retain the

He said, “It is becoming very embarrassing. When the news broke out, I was concerned about whether thorough investigation was done before the story was published. But when by the second day the woman started deleting the records online, I knew something was in the offing. “This was the same woman who broke extant laws in buying bulletproof cars far above the allowed limits, I think something has to be done now. It is even the right time for the woman to speak out.

“If such a person that lies about her certificate can spend additional second in office, it shows how badly we have descended as a nation.” On his part, Adeniran said, “It is an eye opener to the fact that the woman is engrossed in primitive accumulation. If she had been properly educated she would not have engaged in prebendal politics with which she curried the favour of President Jonathan.

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