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Shocking: Genevieve, Don Jazzy Are Lovers! How D’banj Feels Betrayed By Don Jazzy



We are shocked. And we are sure you would too. But those who know are swearing by their progenitors that the acrimony between erstwhile collaborators, Don Jazzy and D’banj would never thaw as both have now started getting even with each other through the most unexpected channel. Reliable and redoubtable sources tell us that
Don Jazzy has been knocking knees, merging sweaty bodies and burrowing at will into the widely sought-after sanctum of popular actress, Genevieve Nnaji’s.
Confirmed by two A-List celebrities, the shocking tryst between the producer and the star actress, we gathered, has been on for a few months. “Since D’banj heard the story which he also confirmed from his own independent investigation, he has been unhappy and telling those within earshot how he further feels betrayed by Don Jazzy,” one of the sources told Epochng. Apart from the understandable sense of jealousy and anger, D’banj, we hear, is sad that of all women, Don Jazzy could croon his ways into Genny’s heart.

Nigerians have not forgotten the much talked about but oft-denied relationship between two of Africa’s biggest entertainers, D’banj and Genevieve, at the height of which the actress featured in the singer’s ‘Fall in Love’ video, which further fuelled tales of a robust romance. Sighted in several exotic places across the world, the innuendoes and insinuations of marriage were never proved. Recently though, D’banj was quoted in a newspaper interview as saying that he would really love to marry Genevieve.

Now, Don Jazzy has taken over where he left off with Genny. Yet, this is not the first time such incident is happening. Over the years, especially in their Mo’Hits days, we hear that this trend began with the producer. A source close to both parties recalled the story of a Dolapo who is married and now based in Malaysia; “Dolapo was D’banj’s girl but Don Jazzy used money to lure the girl into sleeping with her, the first instalment, I remember was N300, 000. Don Jazzy can give a limb when he likes a woman.”
The source is however critical of D’banj whining about Don Jazzy making out with Genevieve saying, “After all, he is also dating An A CLASS contovisial Actress who was Don Jazzy’s babe for a long time. In fact, they were at the grand finale of the Hennessey Artistry together so why is he making it look like he had been betrayed?”
We know, like you do too, that this is just the beginning of the story.

Source: Bononline

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