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Mr Ecowas Pageant Hits Up




The first and most anticipated event MR ECOWAS PAGEANT, which will to be held in BESPOKE EVENT CENTER, LEKKI, LAGOS, NIGERIA on the 10th of November .is set to build a great tower for peace ,unity, and progress in west Africa .

In which, MECURY DESIGN AND ENTERTAINMENT the organizers of the pageant has aligned themes with the vision for peace in ECOWAS member countries. Our vision spans though all major section of development in west Africa , one of our major aim is peace making it very important for the need of a male ECOWAS PEACE AMBASSADOR, which will be seen that the pageant and the awarding of the best contestants.

The themes for this year’s pageant are therefore as follows:

Main Theme:
ECOWAS ETHNIC VIBRATION. We will be making the vision our theme because it is the first
Boldness is everywhere.
The Role of youths in preserving our culture heritage, peace-building, the need for education and nations development.

Our mission for this project is to hunt for young and talented chaps between the ages of 18 and 28 years in West Africa that has the potentials to propagate Peace, Unity, tolerance, love, Progress and the promotion of our cultural heritage, resources, tourist attractions ECOWAS and their aims in all the member countries of ECOWAS


It is expected that all Peace representatives for the 2013 Mr Ecowas Peace Pageant will have a section on the web site to write on the topic “on the need for education, harms of violence, promotion of our tourist attraction, cultural heritage & resources, Youth development, harms of cultism, hard drugs and Child trafficking, skill acquisition,self-empowerment in not more than 900 word ” This exercise is one of the activities required for you to be in the contest till the main day and it must be treated with the utmost importance by all representatives and country directors as it will form the basis for the representatives peace message/brain test which will be used by the judges on the main event and presented before an audience and on the web site.

In addition, country specific knowledge and understanding of the thematic areas will be tested in different sections and scenarios during the camping period and all these will be marked to determine who makes it to the finals on the main event day.

Of course this research area is in addition to a general understanding of ECOWAS and their youth focused activities and current issues affecting the youth not only in West Africa but globally.

Country Directors are encouraged to support their representatives in this endeavor, As has been the tradition of most international pageant, the focus of the event is not who can necessarily write the best speech but rather who best understands the theme(s) and in a practical way, communicates the relevance on her country and ECOWAS as a sub-region and proposes solutions to the problems identified.

As Organizers, MECURY DESIGN AND ENTERTAINMENT aims at working with the representatives in ways that makes all an agents of positive change in Africa that will guarantee a more peaceful and secure future.


The MR ECOWAS PAGEANT is not just a pageant, it is an intellectual exercise. Come into it prepared with your mind active on the propagation Peace, Unity, tolerance, love, Progress and the promotion of our cultural heritage, resources and tourist attractions



A naturally-born male of a minimum age of 18 years and not older than 28 years
Must be from one of the Ecowas nations
Must have completed or is in a Tertiary Institution
Minimum Height: 5.7
Must have a talent mecury design and entertainment will invest in.
Must Possess a valid Passport and be willing to travel
Must Not be Married and not have children
Must be of Good health and good moral character
Must be willing to Advocate for Peace in west Africa
Must be Graceful, Intelligent, Goal-driven, Well-Spoken and Peace Loving

An opportunity to travel 4 Ecowas countries
Win 2,000,000 naira
Represent Ecowas as Ecowas Peace Ambassador
A Brand New Car
Cash Prizes
Sponsors Gifts
And so many more
Our Environment, Our Future, Our skills, Our dreams and ideas are what we have as youths… pls note that for the frist edtion some of the rewards are not available on the date of crowning.

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