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The Agagus Are Human Too – By Lai Labode



Here is what Lai Labode, the Chairman, Youth circuits of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) had to say about the Blackberry message that has been making the round over social media after news of the plane crash circulated yesterday…

I came across a Facebook post by one Adebisi Yejide Akingbade , the unfortunate post described the late Chief Agagu as “a man who did nothing” and ascribed the tragedy that befell the Agagu family as deserving . What a shame !

While Adebisi Yejide Akingbade and all those who hailed her post have a right to free speech , there needs to be some caution and a higher level of responsibility the way those views are expressed .

The Agagus are an ordinary family who have blood running through their veins too . How could we at a time of such tragedy make such nasty , insensitive , bitter and sinister statements ?

Chief Agagu left a wife and children who loved him as much as we all of us love our parents and family members . We cannot afford to become so bloodless in the name of compulsive criticisms .


I don’t know who this Adebisi Yejide Akingbade but I genuinely hope those who know her could pass this message to her , no man , no matter how good , brilliant or loved can satisfy everyone . The right to be unsatisfied does not have to come with a bitterness and unsavory expressions . Bitterness never won a trophy !

Remember ;

1. It is very Nigerian for us all to show compassion and stand in prayers with the Agagus in their time of grief .

2. It is very Nigerian for us to thank God for miraculously saving the life of Chief Agagus only son . Feyi Agagu.

3. It is very Nigerian for us to stand firmly in prayers and heartfelt condolence with all those who died in the plane crash .


4. It is very Nigerian to pray for the soul of Chief to rest in peace with his creator .

5. It is very Nigerian to pray that such tragedy does not befall any of us including those who have made or reposted the unfortunate comments .

“Life is held together only by a spider’s web.” LL , 2013

May all those who have died and Chief Agagu rest in peace . Amen

Lai Labode , 4th October 2013

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