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Build Your Self-Esteem, Participate In The ShawtyNatt Confidence Photo Contest




Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

The beautiful ones are already born.

But the truth is, your eyes haven’t seen them. And that can all change with the Confidence Photo Contest by ShawtyNatt.

Am I Ugly or Am I beautiful?

If you’re asking yourself this question, then I presume you’re at a cross-road


To help solve this dilemma is the Confidence Photo Contest

..And in the words of the Late Prof Ola Rotimi, “The gods are not to be blamed”

You think you are ugly? Then blame yourself, not the gods

Stop blaming anyone or anything for your blemishes, we all have….rather, start appreciating your beauty

The Confidence Photo Contest gives you the platform to express your beauty and build your confidence


“The Man in the mirror”

That was the title of one of Micheal Jackson’s classic songs

So who do you see in the mirror? Or Better still, what do you see in the mirror? Pimples, eczema, rashes or dimples, brown eyes, sexy lips

Its all about how you see yourself, not what others think of you

Enter the Confidence Photo Contest and Express your natural beauty


To participate,

Upload your ugly photos to Twitter using hashtag #SnConfidencePhotoContest

Winner gets N20,000


Photo shoot


Complete wardrobe

Profiling on 30 Blogs

Dinner @ forks and fingers with Baba Dee

Profiling on Acada magazine/Splendor Magazine

…And many more


Proudly supported by Verenze Clothings,Acada Magazine,OloriSupergal,HelenEventBlog,Alara Signatures,Kazeem Popoola, Splendor Magazine,Forks and fingers,,Ebonyworths and the list is endless

I am beautiful , I am unique, I am confident

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