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Aladesuyi To Improve Nigeria’s Social Media Market




A non-governmental organisation, EarthSearch, which has set record in the United States of America, plans to partner Nigeria in its next project for the global technology to improve the social media market in the country. Drawnto the weaknesses in the current social media platforms, the founder of EarthSearch, Mr Aladesuyi, described it simply as a community poster board that does not foster the growth of human relationship.

According to him after one year of polling and researching he validated his feelings that the largest social media platform would have problems in the future. “For that reason, I formed a separate division of the company WetWinds Inc. and in 2011 I began development of a new social media platform calledVir2oand eventually StudentConnect.”
WetWinds – Vir2o: The Company concluded the development of Vir2o, making it the most comprehensive and interactive social media platform in the world. It recently completed the development of mobile apps on the platform for iOS, Android and BB Z10. It hopes to introduce these mobile apps to the global market amid October this year.
Vir2o will offer the first interactive business page in social media, allowing users and businesses to have live interaction with regards to products and services offered. “The company focuses on the United States, Brazil, India and Nigeria that will serve as catalyst markets for its growth globally. However, it has successfully established licenses in India and Brazil while looking to develop a subsidiary operation in Nigeria.

StudentConnect In: Aladesuyi’s biggest accomplishment to date is the joint marketing and partnership agreement recently executed between StudentConnect Inc. and Verizon Wireless, one of US’s largest wireless carriers. Also, Verizon will allow its 1200 professional business sales force to market StudentConnect to school districts across the US.
Meanwhile StudentConnect, under Mr. Aladesuyi’s management will utilize Verizon’s network and supply the technology to schools across the US.

Earthsearch is the wireless communication technology between GPS and RFID got SAP certification in 2012, opening up significant global opportunities to the company.
Meanwhile, Mr Aladesuyi has accomplished significant partner relations in the last year as the company nears its commercial operation. The company entered an exclusive licensing agreement with Halogen Security, a major security firm in Nigeria. Halogen’s exclusive license grants it the right to distribute EarthSearch technology in all of West Africa.
The company also entered a licensing agreement with Proseguer, which is one of the largest Spanish security firms, providing electronic lock services to the government of Uruguay in order to monitor containers and trailers within the port and traveling between Uruguay and other countries in the region. Proseguer may also offer EarthSearch products in other international markets where it has presence.

Besides, it also completed the development of CARAS – Custom and Revenue Authority Systems, designed specifically based on requirement from the Kenyan Revenue Authorities. The system is now under evaluation by the Kenya Revenue Authority. Other opportunities are now emerging in market around the globe to utilize his invention for the security of cargo and other assets. EarthSearch has elected to keep the technology a business secret and not patent its concept to avoid duplication and hence remain the only wireless communication between passive RFID and GPS technology on the market. Mr Kayode Aladesuyi started apprenticeship as an entrepreneur very early in life after 1982 when he started college education at the American University in Watford, England. Kayode Aladesuyi was born on May 21, 1960 in Lagos, Nigeria to the family of Mr and Mrs Adedeji and Kikelomo
Aladesuyi (nee Benson), natives of Osun and Lagos states respectively. He
attended Surulere Baptist School, where he had his elementary education then rounded
off second Baptist Academy in Ikeja where he concluded his secondary school
education in 1979. Aladesuyi attended St. Gregory College to complete HSC.


In 1983 Aladesuyi transferred to the United States of America where he attended and concluded his college education earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. He
also attended Kennesaw State University in Georgia, USA for a Master Degree in
Business Administration. Under the tutelage of both his parents; he was
introduced to business management and some of the benefits of success. A bug
that had bitten him as an entrepreneur early in life was accidentally awakened
in what was once a foreign land, but he now calls home.

Kayode’s career in the US began by the determination
not to compromise both the quality of life he had grown to enjoy, nor to
diminish his sense of pride as a Nigerian. Immediately upon graduation from
college Mr. Aladesuyi’s interest to practice as an accountant was immediately
dashed when a head hunter advised him to change his name if he wanted to secure
interviews, while most foreigners at the time will adopt English first names or
simply change their birth names, Mr. Aladesuyi took the challenge head on, relying
on the training and the things he learned in his formation years sought to
pursue entrepreneurship.

In a foreign country with no network or resources, he
relied on his educational background. He Aladesuyi hired a professor at
Kennesaw University to train him in computerized accounting, having learned
several accounting software. In the mid 80’s, recognizing the growth of digital
accounting; which was beginning to take hold in the market place, Aladesuyi’s

business instinct moved him to start a bookkeeping and tax services for small
businesses. Aladesuyi started his first business in the US in
March 1986, Associated Management and Financial Services Group. He became a
registered agent with the Internal Revenue Service and representing several
clients before the Internal Revenue Service on tax related matters. He took
several other courses to improve services to his clients, earning certificates
in Financial Planning and later his Series six Stock broker as well as
Insurance broker’s license. He provided financial and accounting services to
many businesses and individuals, representing companies such as Metropolitan
Life, Prudential and New York Life insurance companies.He is married to Andrea Sousa, a native of Brazil and has five children including a girl.

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