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” People Mistake My Silence For Arrogance” – Rukky Sanda



In less than three days, Rukky Sanda’s latest film, ‘Keeping My Man,’ will be premiered at The Wheatbaker Hotel in Lagos. Already the Nollywood producer cum actress is in high spirits.

Armed with a “catchy and unique storyline”, as she puts it, as well as a stellar cast led by Ramsey Noah, the Banking and Finance graduate of the Lagos State University boasts that it is her best work so far.

“It is an awesome movie. I dare say that the crew and the cast of the film did a very good job. I’m sure that many people will love it. There is a message for everybody. Ramsey is, no doubt, the best actor in Nigeria at present. I have a lot of respect for him. I have no regrets starring him in the movie,” she says, in an interview with our correspondent on Tuesday.

Regarding what inspired the movie, Sanda, who has six movies to her credit, says the idea to shoot the movie derived from real life experiences.

“I attended my cousin’s bridal shower and a group of beautiful ladies were talking about the kind of issues they deal with in their homes. I was surprised at some of the things they said. Immediately, I began to take note of what they discussed. Although I had started writing a story before the encounter, I had to turn it into a different story entirely,” she says.


Sanda, who cut her teeth in acting in the 2004 movie titled ‘Angel and the Beast’, talks about her journey to the top with much enthusiasm. She attributes her success partly to her background as a graduate of banking and finance, which she says came handy in the pursuit of her ambition.

She says, “Although I am an actress, I have always been a business person first. In the beginning, I was more interested in the business part of film production. Now I’m totally in love with the art of film making. I like to think up good story ideas and I enjoy writing, doing the screenplay, filming and editing. It gives me so much joy to bring all the characters in a script to life.”

One area in which Sanda constantly makes news headlines is her red carpet appearances, as well as the remarks and posts on the social media. But, as far as she is concerned, the rumours and criticisms give her the much needed push, to do more. Quite recently she caused a stir when she attended a movie premiere in a provocative outfit and after a picture of her pierced belly button surfaced online. But can Sanda ever be bothered about criticism?

“I really don’t know where all that comes from and I hardly ever see it. But I think it is because I’m reserved. I have to be in my comfort zone to talk about it. It is bad, but it has helped me become the woman I am today. I can’t really complain because people will always express their opinion about you and judge you. L ife is designed that way. So I’m cool.

“Sometimes, people do not know what I’m doing because I am silent about it. I don’t like to make noise about stuff like this. So when I do anything, they start wondering what I am up to. I guess I’ll never know. I’m really anti-social and that is why people mistake my silence for arrogance,” She says.


Although she is often criticized for her acting skills or the lack of it, the actress-who claims there is much more to her other than a pretty face- says she will be around for a long time.

“I am passionate about film making. I’m sure that I’m one of the first actresses to go into production. Unknown to many people, I’ve always been an actress and producer. I am not looking back because I want to carve a niche for myself and inspire other young people. I want them to know that they can do whatever they want and believe in. There is nothing wrong with being pretty and making good use of your brain and talent,” she says.

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