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FG Orders 53 Gold – Plated Iphones To Celebrate Nigeria’s Independence Anniversary



A 42-year-old Bristol-born businessman based in Dubai, Amjad Ali, has revealed that he has hundreds of pre-ordered new iPhone 5s, including 53 to be delivered to the Nigerian government to commemorate its 53rd independence. Ali says he is fulfilling an order from the Nigerian government for 53 gold iPhones (Luxury edition launched by Apple yesterday) to mark the country’s 53rd year of independence from Britain next month. The Nigeria coat of arms, (a shield and two horses) will be engraved on these Iphones.

Basic models in gold or rose gold cost from £3,000. So Let’s assume FG ordered for Basic models @ £3,000. £3,000 in 53 places…. Oya do the Maths

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