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Dear CEO, “Una Don Too Much o!”




Dear CEO, “una don too much o!” These days that word CEO and entrepreneur seems to be another name for unemployment! Not for the egotistical CEO title, start a business and run it right. Be passionate, skilled with tremendous value and a vision. And then grow, collaborate and let your business outgrow you as a means to grow our world!

CEO’s should see the big picture. Our lack of will and corrupt government has failed us. But it’s up to your business and us to shake the GDP of this country. Not this brain dead people in Abuja, they really can’t. By what you do, end poverty simply by growing and employing yourself, people and not this “one man” business concept we have as local CEOs. Not our ego, we need to grow our business, then people, then the country. Then change becomes easier.

Even medically, you need to be well to donate blood. The strength of this dwells on CEOs to take out wealth from politicians who have it (common sense reason for poverty amongst wealth). That way you become a brand and they’d be forced to either launder or invest it, on us. It’s a Robin Hood concept (Pareto’s- kalder-Hicks theory, rob from the rich to help the poor). To do this, we need Nigerian world class brands, like the Asians did with Samsung, Honda and Toyota. Just like Indomie for Indonesia, Petrobas for Brazil, Shoprite, DSTV and AMA KIP KIP for SA, Airtel for India, we need your business to join the likes of growing Oando, Glo, GTbank, Silverbird for Nigeria. CEO, we don’t need your card, we need value, we need more, more world class institutions by locals like us.

In the words of Obama, “Africa already has too many powerful people, it doesn’t need that, all Africa needs are powerful institutions.

Our country needs dreamers, thinkers and doers, people who will build that, ?#?PottersLounge & Hexavianspirit.


©Eizu Uwaoma
Best regards,

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