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What is worth doing is worth doing well. Don’t rush for the ring; think before the ring, it’s your destiny. Marriage is an institution you need not rush into for admission. It simply means two souls tying their destinies together, having same goals, rising generations together and having no secrets, it’s an institution without graduation.

• Marriage has positively made many lives and ruined a number of souls, marriage was created for glory not for agony, for pleasure not for pressure, it was designed to be enjoyed but too many people are enduring it. Before you decide on a marriage partner, ask youself many questions; think; allow your conscience to rule your decision not love. Think before accepting that engagement ring, think before the wedding ring or you will live with your partner with an extra marriage ring called suffering.

• The most important thing to think of before marriage is if God is in support of the union. Remember that marriage is God’s institution, no matter your preparations, only God can bring blessings, it’s important you give him the first place in your decision(s) before saying ‘’YES I DO’’. You also need to prepare spiritually, physically, financially, materially, emotionally, psychologically and otherwise. Another important thing to think of is the need to count the cost, what are you bringing into the relationship? What price are you willing to pay to make the union work?

• Also note, to avoid had I known, due consideration must be given to the physical health of the party involved which can be ascertained after due medical tests has been undergone. This is not a sin or a sign of not trusting your partner but a sign of wisdom which God says is the principal thing. Being born again or attending the same church with your partner does not guarantee safety in this area; after all you may not have known your partner’s earlier lifestyle, even if you do. Medically, the following are basic pre-marital screening that must be ascertained before marriage.

• FOR MALES; Seminal and culture screening, syphilis (VDRL) screening, HIV screening, ABO blood group, HB genotype.
• FOR FEMALES; HVS culture sensitivity, HIV screening, syphilis screening, ABO blood group, HB genotype.



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