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How To Loose Weight The Right WAY! By Eni Fagbemi – Balogun




Losing weight can be a tricky task for obese people ,people with tummy bulges,love handles and excess fatty tissue. With so many weight loss programs and diet plans available in the market and the ever increasing problem of obesity, the weight loss industry has experienced a considerable growth………………let me skip that part ……blah blah blah ….For health reasons my doctor also told me to loose @ least 15lbs because my BMI was very high and marked me obese on his chart. I didn’t leave smiling,because I realized my been a plus size caused ,shortness of breath,pain in my ankles and knees and heavy cramps during my periods.

Though im 5’11 in height,being tall makes you l evened out with weight,so its less noticeable rather than being shot and weighing 95kg. I tried a lot of Weightloss brands and I decided to make my own herbs in my kitchen from the frustration from my belly bulge. So i did tons of researche on plant ,organic fruit extracts and herbs that aids Weightloss….Hence mixed the potions and ……Lise herbal weight-loss Detox

Alas! I became my very own lab rat….lol…and within a month or should i say a little over a month people started making comments and noticing the slimmer me. Finally I didn’t know I created something others will also benefit from until my friends and family started asking me to sell my secret to them coz its worth paying for.

Hmmmmm just like that I would make portions for 4-6 people every month and it started growing rapidly to 4-6 orders in just 1 week. Still yet I never ran an advert till 2months ago and I started out 20months ago with sales based on referrals only….and to date have serviced over 3000 happy clients…

Anyone can be Successful by trying hard,by luck ,by accident or by Faith. Staying lazy and selfless will not make you successfull.

It’s seemed hard at first to loose the weight but I just asked myself 1 question?
ARE YOU READY??? And I ask all my customers the same’


Based on a healthy eating lifestyle I developed for me and my clients:
(How the plan can work for you too)

Among the weight loss food options you will find it easier to introduce in your regular diet, oats rank rather high,Making for a great breakfast choice, oats are rich in fiber, which means that they are great in promoting healthy digestion. Also, oats are famous for boosting your metabolism and helping you burn fat faster, an ideal way of shedding off extra pounds and reaching your ideal weight.

How to Choose a Weight Loss Food Plan according to your ethnic eating pattern,you can stay safe with choices of universal food items.
When you are considering an effective weight loss food plan, it is equally important to choose a slow and steady fat reduction program with the average of 3kg per every 7days(1week) The program should be geared towards a slow and steady loss of weight unless the health care provider feels that the condition of your health would benefit more from a rapid fat loss. You can expect to lose about about 2kg on a weekly basis during the first and second week and it will increase gradually as you show more dedication and involvement in exercising is a plus.

Getting the right Detox Plan:

With many weight loss food plan there is a rapid loss of weight particularly during the first two weeks. However, detox will help remove toxin in excess that prohibits your weightloss . An individual can have upto 7kg of feaces in the colon and using a good detox plan will help cleanse the entire body system and also promote a quick weightloss response. The loss is notably fluid fluids and fatty deposits. The initial loss of fluid is also regained quickly when the normal calorie diet is resumed. Which means you have to eat more fibrous meals and something to help aid your metabolism so as not to gain the weight back and keep to a healthy weight maintainable. A reasonable weight reduction plan should be expected. The rate of the fat loss should fall between 2-3kg on a weekly basis.
When enquiring about a commercial weight loss food plan it is important to be provided with a statement of fees as well as the costs of the additional items including foods and dietary supplements. It is also important to ask whether the fat loss program consist of health professionals and qualified counselors including doctors, registered dieticians / nutritionist and exercise physiologists.


Weight Loss Food Choices: How Healthy Eating Can Help You Achieve Your Ideal Weight

Enrich your diet with tasty salmon /fish
Your body needs protein to maintain stronger and healthy. However, eating too much meat is not recommended, because it also means eating too much fat. Your weight loss food choices can change this. For instance, if you choose salmon instead of any other type of meat, you will provide your body with a great source of protein, as well as monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids, that are essential for your overall health, and maintaining a sharp mind later in life. Fight aging with blueberries and apples The little dark fruits have great qualities. They are full of fiber, they help you feel full very fast, and they have great anti-aging properties. What more can you ask from a super-food?

Broccoli or cabbage for weight loss

Fiber rich foods are your best choice when you want to lose weight. Fiber helps you feel full while eating less, it regulates your digestion, and it is very healthy. Diets promoting weight loss seldom include fiber rich foods, such as broccoli. Either you like to consume it raw or cooked, broccoli should be included in your grocery list.
Reduce calorie intake with brown rice /Wheat bread/plantain flour
Brown rice is ideal as staple food for any type of weight loss diet. Because it is rich in fiber, it helps you go through the day, without eating too much. It is also very filling and a weight loss food that you must include in your daily diet, in order to shed off extra pounds, and become healthier.

Natural Weight Loss Food – My Top 10 Fat Burning Food Products

1. Water
Drinking water daily is a great way to help your body stay nourished. I never used to be crazy till I found out what it does for your liver….I might prefer my juices 100 times over but I love life and I wanna stay young ,refreshed and healthy,not only for me and also for my loved ones. Even if you don’t feel like take a glass a days,it’s my best therapy yet!


2. Cinnamon
Just by adding a half teaspoon cinnamon to your lunch or coffee can help in lowering the level of sugar in your blood. It also helps reducing the secretion of insulin and assists in burning the fat stored in your body. You can use cinnamon as a natural sweetening agent by replacing the normal sugar in order to reduce the amount of calorie intake. Adding cinnamon to your milk can assist your metabolism in processing the sugar in foods.

3. Cauliflower
Cauliflower is a great natural source of various minerals like Vitamin C. BY consuming just half cup of cauliflower, you can gain 36% of daily required vitamin c. This vegetable consists of few calories and helps in fighting cancer.

4. Vinegar
Vinegar consists of low calories and is one of the best natural sources of weight loss. You can add apple cider vinegar to your meal in order to feel fuller and stabilize the level of sugar in blood.

5. Turmeric
Turmeric is one of the most important ingredients of the Indian cuisine. It consists of beta carotene, which is an effective antioxidant to protect the liver and burn surplus body fat.

6. Coffee
Coffee is a powerful source of speeding up the metabolism. Caffeine can increase your metabolism by around 15% and you can burn 35-50 more calories on daily basis without making any additional efforts.


7. Oatmeals
Light high fibre oats,great for any time of the day consumption because of its filling sensation. Can be taken with fruits ,add a little cinnamon or flavour or skimmed milk…oats helps maintain a healthy weight,heart ratebandbkeps your cholestrol level at the best spot. I never miss my oats ,great forms tummy even my skin too.

8. Cheerios cereal
My fibrous cereals for my quick mornings,keeps me full all through till lunch. Taken with skimmed milk ,and now DANO milk has a healthier low calorie milk that Taste great.

9. I love my pudding meals ….the African swallow

I’ve always been crazy bout swallows ,yes….can’t a woman love a delicious African meal? Mines was off the chart as I can have it 4 times daily(The EBA) . The main Weightloss killer. If you’re determined to loose weight ,pls stay clear of cassava based foods,yam flour,semolina etc. best swallows of choice high in fibres are ; wheat flour,plantain flour etc.

10. Vegetables
Vegetables are great for the body,easily digested and high in vitamins and fibres. Too much of it is also bad just as we know too much of everything is bad for you. Keep fruits and vegetables in your daily diet routines… can’t be a looser / you can be , but a sexier looser at that!!!


By Eni Lise Balogun
Creative director & Editor

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