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God Chose Me To Minister To “Hurting People” – Dr. Ibukun Adebayo-Adedayo




In our quest to live a life worth emulating and being of positive impact to thousand around the world. Helen’s Event Blog spent quality time with the visioneer of Throne Room. Read what she had to say about her mission to impact lives positively below.

Helen: What is your name and what is the name of your ministry?

Dr. Ibukun Adebayo-Adedayo : My name is Ibukun Adebayo-Adedayo, and the name of the ministry God has given to me is “Throne Room”

Helen: Have you always wanted to be involved in Ministry?

Dr. Ibukun Adebayo-Adedayo : Yes. I have always known that God wants to use me to minister to hurting people, especially women. I however hesitated severally, until God brought me to a season of my life where I had to give Him my attention. You know God always knows how to get our attention, when we keep running away from what He has called us to do.


Helen: When you say you want to minister to “hurting people” what exactly do you mean?

Dr. Ibukun Adebayo-Adedayo : When I say “hurting people”, I mean people who are going through trying times and life-threatening moments. I have a burden to reach out to such people through the Throne Room to let them know, feel and experience the love of Jesus and His power to deliver. Interestingly that was Jesus’ ministry too. He said He came to set the captives free, to heal the broken-hearted and to set the prisoners free. More so, I have come out of a place and situation that the enemy meant for destruction. Jesus pulled me out miraculously, and I am eager to minister deliverance through the Throne Room to others who are in desperate situations and need God’s rescue.


Helen: How do you intend to minister to these hurting people?

Dr. Ibukun Adebayo-Adedayo : The main weapon that God has used constantly to give me peace in the midst of storms and to deliver me ultimately is worship. Also, people who have major challenges sometimes don’t even have the words to pray, and at those times, worship is the sound heaven wants to hear from us. I would teach these people the power that worship brings when we have reached our wits end. You know worship literally brings the presence of God so heavy into the atmosphere such that burdens begin to disappear. We need to realize that carrying a 24-hour atmosphere of worship around us when there is impending danger is the key to warding off the danger and coming out shining like a star from the dark clouds. Throne Room is a ministry with its roots in God through deep and sincere worship of the King of Kings.


Helen: What do we expect from Throne Room in the nearest future


Dr. Ibukun Adebayo-Adedayo : There are two immediate ministration outlets from Throne Room now. The first one is the Throne Newsletter, which is a quarterly publication from the Throne Room. It will be distributed in prisons, police cells, hospitals, refugee homes and so on. It will also be available online and on our facebook page. The first edition of the newsletter was launched on June 8, 2013 and is currently being distributed at various locations. The second ministry outlet is a quarterly worship program that will be 12-hour sessions of just worship. The premiere worship program will take place in September, and the details will be available soon.

Helen: What message would you like to leave with the people as we end this interview session:

Dr. Ibukun Adebayo-Adedayo : God can NEVER fail. Stay in His Throne Room always and enjoy His grace and mercy all the way.

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