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Queen Salawa Abeni Survives Life-threatening Hypertension




In this recent interview, popular waka queen Salawa Abeni spoke at length about a life-threatening hypertension she battled with for over 4 years and how she made a comeback.

In a recent interview, queen Salawa Abeni spoke about a life- threatening hypertension she battled with for some years. Hear the waka queen in her own words below;

I’ve been sick for over four years and it has been a really tough time for me. I never envisaged that it was going to happen that way. What started like a child’s play became an ailment which almost defied all forms of treatment.

Funny enough, I was told by my doctor that the whole thing was as a result of stress and then, hypertension set in. I doubted it at first because I never thought stress alone would confine me to bed. I travelled to Paris, London and back to Nigeria for treatment. I was put on medication and I really thank God that I’m on my feet again.

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