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LMAO! Blogger Blast Toke Makinwa, Says Lace and Velvet Fabric Are “Cheap”




I think it’s high time we stop praising some of our celebrities and make them realize it’s not all about being on the red carpet and posting pictures on Instagram. It’s about looking classy and fabulous… Datz all

Read what Emmy Collins wrote about Toke below

Oh dear, i just think this cheap lace contratsed with sort of cheap velvet dress is hideous, period. It is not about the design but more about the fabric. Please, i need the name of the designer. If I never ever come accross any dress made out of this fabric, I will die with a smile on my ugly face.

On a serious note, I was under the impression that Toke has a stylist. Pardon me for asking but what is the job description of the the stylist? Or has Toke gone against proffessional advice?

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