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Is Sex Enough To Ruin A Marriage?




Some of you might have come across the pictures posted by Nollywood actress Stella Damascus…these pictures have sparked a lot of accusations that Stella ruined the marriage of top Yoruba actress, Doris Simon. Anyway, a close friend of Doris and Daniel sent a lengthy email about the possible cause of Doris broken home.. One of the major point noted is that BORING SEX LIFE ruined the marriage and Doris was more concerned about what people will say and how she always wanted to paint the picture of the perfect couple to the world while her marriage was going down the drain. This guy who happened to have lived with Daniel and Doris for 4 years made mention that the marriage was already ruined before Daniel met Stella Damascus and that Daniel was just patching the marriage. He also made mention that at a particular time, the couple didn’t have sex for about 6months. Meanwhile, Stella Damascus hasn’t denied her relationship or marriage to Daniel.

My questions are:

#1. Is sex enough to ruin a marriage?

#2. As a guy, can you cope without having sex in your relationship?

#3. As a married man, can you cope without sex for 6months?


#4. As a married woman whose husband is extremely busy, can you cope without sex for 6 months?

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