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Police Officer Electrocuted While Rescuing Boy Trapped By Cable




A police officer, Sunday Joseph, was on Sunday electrocuted at a police barracks opposite the Ogun State Government House while attempting to rescue a 17-year-old boy, Moses, earlier trapped by a Power Holding Company’s high-tension cable.

The boy also died from electrocution in the incident which occurred at one of the road – expansion construction sites in the Isale Igbein area of the state. The corpses of the two victims have been deposited at the morgue of the state Hospital, Ijaye.

Eyewitnesses said the teenager was scavenging for some materials from the rubble being used by a construction company to fill a ditch when he stepped on a PHCN live cable.

One of them said, “Moses, whose father was one of the police officers killed recently by armed robbers in Abeokuta, was about leaving the construction site when one of the iron rods he had salvaged from the rubble touched the high tension electricity cable and was electrocuted.”

Joseph, who was taking care of Moses since the death of his father was contacted and when he arrived at the construction site, he made for the body of the teenager who was still being trapped by the cable.


The police officer, who drove to the construction site in a Volkswagen Golf car was oblivious of efforts to stop him as he went for Moses’ lifeless body.

He was immediately trapped by the same live PHCN cable and left gasping for breath for a few seconds before his body went limp and he died.

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