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Handling Defeats By Olasunkanmi E.O




At certain times in our lives when we constantly try to BEAT a set target or goal without achieving those aims, one would TERM it as a DEFEAT. YES! Am trying to make you understand that defeat is normal depending on what your definition of it is. In own words, DEFEAT is simply an opportunity to try something in a different way after a previous effort that failed. It is an unanticipated and unpleasant PAUSE encountered while trying to fulfill or achieve a set goal. DEFEATS provide us with an opportunity to further think about a task or a set goal. It does not mean you should quit. The only set of people who quit after a simple defeat are those who do not know what they really want out of life. When we encounter DEFEATS in certain issues or task, it affords us an opportunity to learn from such situations.

Surprisingly, you might find it interesting to know that from every defeat, you gather experience. No one knows what life has next in stock for him/her therefore, it is only human of us to encounter setbacks in some of these tests yet, these defeats can only be truly regarded as defeats if one or two positives/ lessons are taken from it. Guess I do not need to remind you of the man who invented electricity? He encountered defeats repeatedly until he “Nailed it” what did he do? He simply learnt from his previous lessons and tried that particular thing in a different way.
Never let a defeat cause you so much pain and frustration, trust me, it’s not gonna help.

The first thing you have to do is to accept the defeat in good fate and take positives from it after which you can now try that particular thing in a different way.
Note! This is not an excuse to live a carefree life, you must always weigh your decisions before coming to a conclusion but at those times when things do not happen as expected, when things do not work out as planned then you can take comfort from the words in this publication and thank me later.

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