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Meet The Lady Who Spent 12.6 Million In Just Two Days.




She’s 23-year-old, she owns 300 pairs of designer shoes plus 70 top label handbags and spends £600 (about N151,000) a month on hairdos and another £1,000 (N252,000) on taxis and chauffeurs.

She started receiving £20,000 (about N5.4 million) A MONTH at the age of 14, from her dad, until her dad moved in with another woman.

Her dad splurged £10,000 (about N2.5 million) on her 16th birthday party alone and when Gina fell out with her dad over his new woman, he axed her allowance, then Gina’s mom stepped in with the £10,000 (about N2.5 million) -a-month lifeline.

Gina only earns £2,000 (about N504,000) a month as a personal stylist.
According to Gina:
“My dad will buy me anything that I ask for to show me how much he cares.

“I think the most expensive item was a Hermes handbag which cost £20,000
Last year Gina, blew £50,000 (about N12.6 million) in just two days on clothes and clubbing.



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