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A 26-year-old lady, Patience Birus, has narrated how mother luck saved her from the hands of ritualists, who slaughtered another lady, who was a co-passenger, in her presence.

Birus stated that she narrowly escaped being a victim of ritualists on Sunday as the passengers she met in a car she boarded at the Central Market Motor Park in Bauchi to Kangare on the Bauchi-Gombe road in Bauchi Local Government Area of the state turned out to be ritualists.

According to her, “it was on a Sunday after service at about 11.00a.m. My boyfriend, Sunday Noma, took me to the Central Market Motor Park in Bauchi. I was going to Kangare to meet my aunty. I waited beside the car, a black Opel Vectra, when a woman came on a motorcycle. They asked her destination and she said Kangare.

“Five men were sitting in the back of the car. One of them asked us to enter the car. The others said they were travelling too and we all left.”

She stated that the car promptly took off from the park and headed for Kangare but instead of stopping at Kangare, which is about 20 kilometres from Bauchi metropolis, the driver of the car refused to stop for the passengers and zoomed off to Bishi.


“The driver kept driving until we passed Kangare and reached Bishi,” she said.

According to her, the driver drove them into a bush near Bishi and left them with the men who they were together with in the car, adding that they were joined by another man and they were led into a path.

The men, started beating them and urging them to walk fast until they reached a spot in the bush where they were ordered to stop.

“We were directed to sit on a rock and asked to make our last call. I called my boyfriend and told him what happened and he shouted. They took the phone from us and collected our money,” she said.

She then added that at about 1.00p.m., the ritualists, after debating who among the two women should be killed first, grabbed the other woman, slaughtered her and removed her body parts, including eyes, breasts, one after the other.


“I started screaming that I would not die this way and one of the men started laughing,”Birus said.

Asked how she eventually escaped, she stated that her escape was made possible when the man detailed to guard her slept off, adding that she ran in the bush for about five hours before she could reach the main road.

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