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In a recent interview, the female singer behind ‘beriberi’ and ‘supergirl’ refused to put to an end rumours of boob enhancement. The Cameron born, Nigerian based singer has been under heavy criticism following a series of events from the fuzz over her Twitter verification to physical fight with her friend Liz Garvy and series of affairs or ‘friendship’ as she has called it. When asked about the rumours of boob enhancement, she’d rather to talk about it. Read excerpt of interview below:

Also, there have been speculations that you have undergone a breast enhancement surgery. Is this true?

I don’t want to talk about it.

I understand your inhibitions but your silence would only trigger more speculations and comments.

I don’t need people to concentrate on those things that aren’t important. Whatever they wanna say is OK. They can comment but I have decided that I’m not talking about irrelevant things. Whether I address it or not, people will talk so I’d rather not.


Safe to say she had boob enhancement.

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