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The photograph above is that of a doctor whose activities for over a decade has demeaned womanhood, flouted laws of the land and supervised numerous abortions – some of which have gone horribly wrong leading to complications and death of clients in extreme cases. Now in the grips of the law following a security raid. The conscientious looking medical practitioner is resplendent in his trademark white apparel with his stethoscope dangling daintily over his shoulders. No professional ever looked more focused and serious on his job than this self – mitered apostle of abortion operations. His name is Dr Joshua Drah. Beyond his fee that is taken before the operation, there is an extra charge for the beautiful clients, sex in the middle of the abortion.

Absurd right? The abortion room where the entire action takes place ( abortion and sex) contains two beds, one with a mattress with bed sheet and the other- the abortion bed is customized with black leathered mattress and a pillow. In spite of successive scrubs, visible signs of blood clots adorn the feet of the bed. The volume of a television set in the reception area is almost always tuned very high whiles the operation is ongoing. ‘Dr’ Drah is usually seated in the course of the operation, the only time that he stands is when he gives his own form of anesthesia to clients who keep moaning and groaning presumably from the pain of the sharp instruments – the ‘anesthetic sex is brief but intense and usually comes in the middle of the operation.

When quizzed by the Police at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters about the absence of a sign board, he explained that it was as a result of an expired operating license which he was working to renew.

My question is… Why has any of his client ever come out to expose this quack abortion expert? Ladies really go through a lot and they need to be careful. This guy is such a beast.. If there’s a better word to describe this guy do let me know.

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