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This is an inspiring message not to only D’banj but to all of us. I hope it make sense to you. Enjoy!

August 2, 2012.

Dear D’banj,

I commend your remarkable efforts with J SLEEK in the successful production of the new single ‘O yato’. No doubt, you have truly been able to show the world of your fans how good, creative and outstanding you could be without the influence of anybody. I have taken time to listen to the track over and over, sharing your passion for being free, being unique and amazingly incredible. Your melodious delivery reflects the spirit of imaginary gracefulness which is typical of every good music.

Although I am not fully a Nigerian, I appreciate and follow up on the Nigerian music industry and her notable artistes. I think I know a little about how you started your professional music career with the debut album Tongolo-No Long Thing (Volume 1) with your hit track Mobolowowon then you started wondering: Why Me?. I was aware of your encounter with Don Jazzy and how both of you dreamt to become a big shut in the Nigerian music industry with your names spreading through the whole of Africa. At a time when MOHIT was still crippling, I read that you and Don Jazzy almost considered being signed under STORM RECORDS on a 1million naira deal. But as God would have it, MOHIT was lifted by a life changing deal with the brand Kokofist (that N20 million miracle). From there and then, MOHIT had never remained the same.


D’banj I have decided to keep this letter as precise as possible because I know that you don’t like long things. This letter is meant to refresh your memory and inspire you to acknowledge your true brand. Just recently I wrote a piece on EIGHT SURE WAYS TO BRAND YOURSELF LIKE D’BANJ and analyzed the real quality of the brand called D’banj. If you had taken a closer look at the fourth point in my analysis, you would have known that you really got something twisted. Like I concluded (and also predicted) on the fourth point (with my conclusion in the eight point), ‘until you locate your Don Jazzy, you may never get a brand like D’banj.’

You need to understand that life is best lived cooperatively, not competitively. Though you may claim that your Don Jazzy had been very difficult for you to understand, you need to know that difficult people can be the greatest teachers for what you need most at some instances. In order to have a great influence in life, you need to constantly yield yourself to the influence of some important people in your life. Humble yourself by acknowledging that there are always lessons to be leant in life.

I heard about how you recently tried to forcefully acquire another Don Jazzy in your life…a dream which can never be possible. To every man in life, there is always a Don Jazzy, every other great person may look like him, but they can never be like him. Just as there is a Jay Z for every Kanye West; there is a Banky W for every Wizkid and Akon for every Lady Gaga, there is also a Don Jazzy for you. Kanye West may dream the dream for you; he can never live the dream for you. You can quote that anywhere.

No matter how silly and useless your Don Jazzy may seem to be now, you only need to keep on being humble to him for an illuminative career. Like your people would say, gba fun oga e! Yes, I know you love the idea of being illuminated beyond your imagination like brands such as Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Eminem et al. But go back to records; you will discover that there will never be all these brands without brands like Jay Z, Akon and Dr. Dre respectively (though Eminem claims to follow the inner voice, he still remains loyal to Dre)

As far as I am concerned, I see no flaw in your debut single under DB records, but I do hope you listen to your fans and the genuine voice of your fans, not the ones you hear them say to you. A genuine voice doesn’t speak, it pricks. The genuine voice keeps echoing that there is a missing magical finger of your Don Jazzy in the production of the ‘O yato’. You can see this for yourself too; for some 3 weeks now, ‘O yato’ is still not trending like the drop and hit ‘Oliver Twist’. Now I believe you should understand how you got the Oliver twisted.


Dapo, have you soon forgotten the craze and the good spirit behind the success of your Oliver Twist (a #9 hit download on UK itunes)? Think twice about this and amend your ways. Remember, the beauty of life is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. Stand up and relocate your Don Jazzy and show the world that you are man enough to possess your possessions!

Oh! This may seem very long a letter, but I hope it did make sense to you. Thanks for your patience.

Kind regards,

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