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Flavour To be Slammed Law Suit For Song Theft




The issue of musicians in the Nigerian music industry plagiarizing or stealing other artist’s song is no longer news, as many artists have been accused at one point or the other in the past, regardless of whether not it is true.

This time around, Flavour Nabiana, popular for hit songs such as Ashawo, Oyinatu muo, and Adanma is the object of a new “copycat” mess as alledged by a now defunct Ghanian group “WUTAH”.

The group is alleging that Flavour stole copied the chorus, rhythm, rhyme and even the opening saxophone beat used in their song “KOTOSA” which was a massive hit back in Ghana sometime in 2008, and used it in his recent single “KWARIKWA”.

The group is alleging theft of their intellectual property by flavour and has promised to press charges against him and enforce their rights in the court of law.

I have listened to the two songs and all I can say is “hmmm”….lol . Tell us, have you listened to the two songs?Do you think Flavour stole copied the song in question?What are your thoughts generally on artists coping already existing songs?

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