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Exclusive Interview With Nude Picture Gal…’My Boy friend Has left me,I Cant go to school’



Some weeks back CKN NIGERIA posted a story on a lady who went about sending out her nude pictures online because she wanted to make it big in Nollywood. The picture was met with a lot of outcry across the globe. She was condemned for such an act. A rejoinder was also carried out on some blogs where she purportedly denied the pictures were hers..Last night we were able to trace the lady in question..For over three hours she poured out her heart on what truly happened and how someone laid hand on her phone and used her pictures..

Temitope Solaja looked me straight in the eyes with tears pouring down her cheek that she was framed by someone she never knew..According to her,against some denials in some quarters,the pictures were actually hers but the stories were made up..Asked how the story came about,she said it will remain a dark spot in her life..According to her ,just like every young growing girl, the vogue is always to take pictures of your self with your phones strictly for your keep, since your phone is your personal property..What she never envisaged was that the phone will get missing one day and someone will splash her picture on the web..She said the phone got missing and when someone picked it up, the individual who apparently has a twitter account was trying to blackmail her with it..requesting for all sorts of gratification in order not to expose the pictures. She begged and begged and the person could not burge..After collecting a lot of ransom from her through recgharge cards,she didn’t have any more money to send (see enclosed twitter converation),the person went online to publish the pictures. On why she couldn’t’ report to the police..she said she was ashamed and didnt know what to do,moreso she doesnt even know the persons name or contact…

investigation by us showed that the person in question who uses the twitter account @leahdanaijadiva is in the habit of luring ladies and splashing their nude pictures on his or her twitter page..A look at the page by CKN NIGERIA showed several ladies nude pictures splashed all over the page (Which we are sure were stolen)..Temitope said her life has not remained the same since the pictures were splashed and no effort has been made by people to verify the true story from her..

Hear her: ‘CKN NIGERIA,my life has been upside down,i am depressed,my family are in shock,i cant even go to school,i have lost my boy friend and its like my world is coming to an end..Please help me tell Nigerian’s that i am not what they thought..I am from a very decent and disciplined family..I cannot stoop so low to engage in such act..I am comfortable and my parents can take care of my needs..This episode has made me wiser and i have learnt my lesson the hard way.. i am a Nigerian woman struggling to make a decent living..i study so hard and will never do anything to tarnish the image of my family..I pray this chapter of my life pass so quick so that i can move ahead with my life’

On the advice,she has for other ladies who keep their nude pictures in their phone..She advice them to STOP it Immediately because you don’t know where it will get to..As we take our leave off Miss Solaja,we saw a young lady in pain..A fine clean,decent and very intelligent lady trying so hard to distance her self form the mess she found herself..As we promised her,we will delete the pictures from our page and hope all other bloggers will do the same..She could have been your sister,girl friend or close friend..


Exclusive Interview by CKN NIGERIA

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