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Music: Djinee Drops This Is Not A Love Song



On first listen, i was alarmed by the words i could make out of the lyrics, words like ‘I’ll have you take your panties off’ after subsequent listening, i finally understood the prerogative behind the lyrics.

‘This is not a love song’ ironically is a song for lovers. The lyrics of the song depict the intent of a man out to give his woman maximum satisfaction as they came together to practice the common ritual synonymous with love.

This song will be hard to appreciate for someone who cannot comprehend the selflessness love represents. Sung on a piano rendition, Djinee maturely delivers some expressive lyrics in his usual sweet melodic voice and the result is sure to be a lover’s favourite for getting on.

This track manages to revisit the issue of love from the angle of its most common mode of expression, love-making. Bound to enjoy favourable reception from the fans as opposed to the lukewarm reaction to ‘Din Din’ his other single, celebrate love with those deserving of it by downloading this song for your listening pleasure.

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