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Lagos Big Girls Go Crazy for New Blackberry Phone Made From 659 Crystals & 24Carat Hardened Gold



The new Blackberry 9900 phone called Blackberry Amosu is said to be one of the luxury items Lagos big babes are crazy about. The latest device is the blackberry bold 9900 released by Amosu Couture, a manufacturer that focuses on customisation of popular handsets released by blue chip brands by adding Swarovski crystals and precious metals, including platinum, gold, rose gold or silver.

The Blackberry 9900 is fully adorned with Swarovski crystals, dubbed world’s first ‘Blackberry Gold Swarovski Bold 9900. I wondered why this phone is tagged the world’s most expensive phone, i later found out that this luxurious item is encrusted with 659 Swarovski crystals and plated with 24carat  hardened gold and it also complements a lady’s fashion statement.

It offers some other features like the unique golden number which are 6 consecutive digits at the end (UK only). You can also personalize your name on it or company logo and you also have a chance to re-use the handset diamonds and gold. This means that you can have them encrusted into another device or create exquisite jewellery out of it. The phone is however affordable to those who have a unique sense of style and good taste and it only 1,983 EUR. This creative piece is made by a UK based Nigerian designer Alexander Amosu.

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