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Justin Bieber Gets Battered, Bruised For Complex magazine



Justin Bieber covers Complex Magazine’s 10th anniversary issue, bloodied and bruised, under the sub-title ‘’Growing Pains.’’ The pop sensation is set to release his sophomore studio effort ‘Believe’ later this year, and as complex puts it, ‘’Pop stardom is a contact sport, but at age 18 Justin Bieber knows how to roll with the punches. Believe that.’’

Inside the cover, Bieber talks everything from girlfriend Selena Gomez, to drugs, to the sacrifice he’s made for fame. ‘’There’s no way to hide the relationship completely, because then it would be unfair to us, ‘’ it’s like, ‘you take this car, and I’ll take this car, and then we’ll meet up at the spot. Then, you go in this door, I’ll go in this door, we’ll end up crossing ways. You get back in this car. We’ll cross over, do a James Bond. You go through the kitchen. I’ll go through the back area. Then we’ll meet in the dressing room and see each other. ‘At that point, it’s not even a relationship. That’s unfair and unhealthy, man.’’

While he may have a lovely leading lady on his arms, the teen is quick to point out the high price of fame. ‘’ I give up a personal life, I give up friends and family to pursue what I love and make fans happy. There’s no point in doing this if I’m not going to be the best, ‘’ he insisted.

For Justin, being the best means not giving into temptation or peer pressure. His manager Scooter Braun explained Justin’s take on partying with his showbiz peers, recalling, ‘He called me and said ‘Do you know why I’m never going to do that stuff? Because I know you’d walk in and beat the shit out of me. ‘’ Braun added, ‘’He doesn’t like being famous. He struggles with not being normal. I’m constantly telling him, ‘ You’re not normal and since you’re living an extraordinary standards.’’


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