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Party Business: How To Successfully Start And Make Money From Drinks Supply Business.



There are social gatherings everywhere, especially at the end of every week; such as wedding, birthday, AGM, naming ceremony, burial, send forth party, anniversary, book lunch, house warming, etc.

Many people are invited for these kinds of ceremonies and need to be properly taken care of; in terms what they are going to eat and drink. At times, it might be to impress them. No matter the reason, I believe that it creates opportunity for some to make a living while solving a problem of workload reduction for the host or the party planner.

Party planning requires a lot of time and dedication which can actually be exhausting if left for one person. Things might not go well at the end; because there are so many details to consider to make it a good one and at the same time save cost. And these have made those in the party supply business to be making big money. This is the reason people go for the services of event planners. Events planners help you to stay and spend within your budget. An event manager needs the services of party suppliers to get all things in place for the occasion.

Party supply business is broad; we have decorations, photography, video coverage, mc, equipment rentals, hall and venue rentals, make-up and stylist or hairdresser, catering, drinks supply, servers, ushers, etc. All these are under the job of event manager. We are taking only the opportunities in drinks supply.
Party Drinks Supply

Just like caterers provide food and snacks, drinks supply business involves the supply of chilled soft and alcoholic drinks, wines, juice, palm wine, Chapman, water or any drink that the hosts want for their guests.

 How To Start The Business

You can go out with someone in the business for one or two occasions for on-the-job-experience; otherwise, the information you are reading here can make you a success in the business. The first thing to do is to print your complimentary cards with your name, number and contact address. Accept to do a free job for someone (where the person pays for the drinks and other things while you take care of the supply and serving). Use that medium to share your cards. Also use social sites to create awareness.

You also need cooling van. Don’t worry, if you do not have enough money for that you still have alternatives like ice chest or drum. A welder can construct an ice chest for you. An ice chest that can take up to 20 crates of drinks could be fabricated for between N50, 000 and N100, 000 depending on the welder. You can as well go for imported ones which can be from N30, 000 upward depending on the size. You can as well rent one for a start (cost for renting one is like N6000) and grow your business.

The ice chest is just a cooler; therefore, you still need to buy ice blocks to chill the drinks. It is better to use big chunks of ice block that will last longer than hundreds of ice cubes. You also need to know that you shouldn’t put high temperature drinks, one that has been in sun into your chest, it rapidly melts the ice. First rinse the drink of such temperature with cold water, before dropping into your chest. You could also make use of crushed ice or reusable dry ice packs.
With this knowledge, you are set for a profitable business. Now let’s move over to the next stage which is Getting your supplies.

Coco-cola products are do-without in this business. Coca-cola has its depot in most areas, therefore, getting their products is always easy without going to their company. You buy from their depots at company’s recommended price. They can supply you freely if you are within the area.

As at the time of this report below are prices of their products at the depot:

Cocacola/Fanta 35cl = N935 per crate
Cocacola/fanta 50cl = N1,050 per crate
Can coke/Fanta 33cl = N1,900 per pack
Eva bottled water 75cl = N640 per pack
Eva bottled water 150cl = N1,100 per pack
5Alive 25cl = N1,600 per pack
5Alive 1litre = N2,100 per pack
Cappy 1litre = N2,200 per pack

Empty bottles of a crate of Coke and Fanta = N870

For Pepsi and Limca, you can always call on their trucks for a supply.
A crate of Pepsi is N970, while a crate of 7up is N870.

At times, some clients may demand for the supply of alcoholic drinks; you can get your supply from their depots. They also sell at the company’s price. Below are some of the price ranges:
Nigeria Breweries

Brand               Price per Crate bottle(N)              Price per crate Can (N)
Heineken                   2050                                            3800
Maltina                      1650                                            2250
Legend(big)               1450
Star                           1600                                            2250
Gulder                       1700                                            2300
Amstel                       1650                                            2250
Farouz                       1050                                            2150

Guinness Nigeria Plc.
Brand                    Price per crate bottle(N)                 Price per crate can (N)
Malta Guinness            1700                                                2400
Big stout                      2650
Small stout                   3200
Harp                            1600
Smirnoff Ice                 3200                                                3300
Gordon spark              3100


This is a great business opportunity, because it is consumable and in every party people take drink of some sort. It could be sport drinks, energy drinks, flavoured and vitamin infused water, teas, beverages, alcoholic drinks, wines, Chapman, fruit juices, etc.
Build a cordial relationship with drinks wholesalers or owners of depots. The good thing about the business is that you are paid 100% upfront which makes it easy to buy the drinks and start with little capital.

Money making opportunity

Party drink suppliers charge for Service Charge. One can buy from the depot and sell at company’s recommended price, without selling to the clients at the same amount sold outside, making yours cheaper. But, you charge for the services rendered which is based on a certain percentage of the total supply, the distance and some other factors; such as the number of guests which determines the number of servers you are going to use.

How to market your business.

1. Good service: Ensure you give your best, no matter how small the party. This brings more clients through     referral
2. Staff: Hire staff that are friendly and skilful. They need to be polite. Presentation matters in a business like this, therefore cleanliness is key. The kind of staff you bring and the quality of service you render will make people to request for your complimentary card.
3. Integrity: Discipline and honesty should be skills you must inculcate in your staff
4. Efficiency and customer satisfaction should be guaranteed

“Let whatever you do and how you do it speak good of you” – stopthejobsearch

More so, you can as well incorporate some other businesses into this. Like selling of drinks, making of ice blocks and more.



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