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Cool Ways We Think The Apple Watch Can Change The Way You Plan Events




For event professionals, there was one major standout at the Apple Event in San Francisco last week. It was a closer look at the Apple Watch.

First things first, what can Apple’s first foray into wearable tech do? The watch will feel familiar to iPhone users, as it has many similar features, just on a smaller scale. Users will be able to take calls, send texts, there’s a whole suite of health and fitness related apps that keep Apple Watch wearers active, and remind them to get up and move when they’ve been at their desks too long.
So how is this going to change the world of events? We came up with a few ideas of how this new smartwatch can will add a whole new level to the events you can plan.

Giving Guests Access: Apple demonstrated how the watch can be used unlock your hotel room door with just the flick of a wrist. Hopefully, that technology will make it easier to check in guests, and give VIPs access to special sections.

Checking Guest Statistics: As you’re monitoring the event throughout the evening you won’t have to look through the guest list anymore just to see how many people and which VIPs have arrived. You’ll be able to connect the Apple Watch to your guest list app and monitor and report on your latest stats just by glancing at your wrist.


Collecting Donations: Just like you’ll be able to pay for your morning cup of coffee with Apple Pay, we’ll be excited for guests to be able to donate money at an event .

Making Your Life Easier: The benefits of the Apple Watch don’t just stop at your guests, we think it will make executing a fabulous event even easier as well. If each member of your team is wearing an Apple Watch on event day, you’ll be able to communicate seamlessly during the event without having to worry about carrying a phone or using a two-way radio. Plus, when dealing with guests, a silent, haptic notification on your wrist is much more discreet and professional.


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