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Business Class Meals Now Fun On Aero



Meals on the one-hour average intercity flights across Nigeria are common these days, but Aero Contractors seems to have upped the ante with the offering on its Business Class service. Persons who have flown Aero Business Class lately are commenting in the subdued, demure excitement of that category of passengers about the meals. They offer well made, beautifully packaged and interesting meals.

These include tortilla wraps, a popular alternative to sandwiches. Quick, light and nutritious, the tortilla and wraps are surprisingly filling. Of Mexican origin with a variant from Spain, tortillas have caught on with global cuisine as an example of good meals-on-the-go. Apparently, wraps of various kinds are some of the new offerings on the inflight menu of Aero Business. There were on offer Spicy Chicken wraps, Caesar Chicken Wraps as well as Chicken and Steak Wrap.

Then there were some sandwiches. These taste very succulent and rich, reminding one of gourmet variety sandwiches such as one finds in Marks & Spencer in the UK.
Aero and its catering team deserve kudos for these interesting developments given its experimentation with inflight service. After Dana pioneered the meal pack on board Economy flights, many of the airlines followed suit. However, the Aero economy meal packs actually have better and varied pastries. You can see many passengers taking their packs away to eat later! We also noticed that some of their competition’s meal packs have deteriorated to dry low-grade crackers as if to say to the passenger, “we are just fulfilling all righteousness”.

What is interesting is how Aero has experimented. It tried in the immediate period of its crisis to sell meals on-board. That did not fly with passengers particularly as there was no discernible improvement on the pre-sale offering to justify paying for inflight meals on the one-hour flight. Most passengers demurred.
It has struck gold since last year on the Business Class with the meal wraps as well as the hot meals. Look out for the croissant sandwich pockets or ask for any of the wraps when next you fly Business Class. The quality of recent offerings is exciting enough to make one wonder if the Airline and its caterer could consider extending the service offline at key airports or city centres.


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