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30th Birthday Ideas: Cool Ways To Celebrate Turning 30



Turning thirty? Embrace this milestone birthday with one of these fun, creative, and unique 30th birthday ideas! With nineteen to choose from, you’re bound to find one that suits your tastes.

1) Camping Adventure
Pick a place you’ve always wanted to go but never had a chance to. Make it an intimate affair or gather a large group of friends together. If you’re itching to explore a new destination, check out the list of the best places to visit in the world.

2) Pub Crawl
Celebrate with friends and family at all of your favorite bars with a 30th birthday pub crawl. Make the crawl more interesting with costumes or matching uniforms. Incorporate interactive activities, like a scavenger hunts and drinking games.

3) Backyard BBQ
Relax, grill, and eat your way into your thirties with a backyard BBQ celebration. Celebrate with friends, families and colleagues.

4) Concert or Music Festival
If your favorite band’s on tour or there’s a music festival you’ve always wanted to check out, there’s no better time to do so than your 30th birthday.
Music festivals are a great place to celebrate. They include food, drinks, entertainment, and a crowd of people who are all in the mood to party.
The upbeat atmosphere will give you a chance to let loose, have fun, mingle and maybe even forget about getting older.


5) Karaoke Marathon
A perfect choice for the musically inclined, karaoke is a great way to celebrate. Throw a karaoke birthday bash with all of your friends at your favorite bar or at home, if you have a karaoke machine.

6) Visit an Amusement Park
Check out a nearby amusement park and ride the biggest roller coaster there.

7) Take a Vacation
Take off of work and plan an epic 30th birthday vacation to a place you’ve always wanted to go.

8) Stay at a Cool Hotel
Stay at a cool hotel you’ve never been to. There are tons to choose from.

9) Go Skydiving
For the sporty, daring, or adventurous birthday honoree, a skydiving or zip-lining session is advised.
Such an extreme experience will bring you and your friends closer and leave you feeling ready for anything — even turning 30 will seem like a piece of cake.

10) Take an Epic Hike
Plan an epic hike for your 30th. Choose something challenging. A strenuous trek up a mountain will leave you feeling strong, in shape, and ready for whatever life throws at you in your thirties.

11) Go Horseback Riding
Ride away from your troubles and cares on horseback. Gather a group of friends and find a ranch or horseback riding facility nearby. Most offer quiet natural settings with picturesque views that will help you forget all about getting older.


12) Take a Cooking Class
If there are any cooking classes in your area, take one with a group of friends. You’ll learn how to cook a few new dishes, bond with fellow foodies, and eat good food with good people — what more could you ask for?

13) Get a Massage
Get in touch with the benefits of massage, which include stress, anxiety, and muscle tension relief — among other things, on your 30th.

14) Take a Dance Class
Learn how to dance with a group of your best friends. Then, try out the moves you learned later as you hit the town for your 30th.

15) Go to a Comedy Club
Celebrate your birthday with laughs at your favorite nearby comedy club.

16) Relax on a Beach
Relax on a beach, if you live near one, or travel to a warm destination for the sake of your milestone birthday.

17) Go to Your Favorite Restaurant
Treat yourself to your favorite dish at your favorite restaurant. Although it’s one of the simpler 30th birthday ideas, it’s just as good as the rest. There’s something special about dining at your best-loved restaurant.

18) Get a Pet
Celebrate your 30th with the acquisition of a loyal companion. From learning to nurture to good company and cuddles, pets have a lot to offer.


19) Go Shopping
Hopefully these 30th birthday ideas left you feeling inspired! Have a great birthday. Good luck party planning.

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