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Gist From Miss Global Nigeria Pageant



The Miss Global Nigeria Pageant took place at the Havilla Events Centre ,
Victoria Island yesterday … and I attended the event not just to bring
you only pictures but hot gist.. The event was well attended, I ran into my
classmate from University.. Haven’t seen her since we graduated from
school.. We spent some time to catch up on old times, it was great reliving
our University days.. The event kicked off at about 7pm with the appearance
of the MC’s Tee A and Tina Akinola. Some of the celebrities who attended the
event were Toyin Aimaku Johnson, Mercy Aigbe Gentry, Chidi Mokeme, Korede
Bello, Halima Abubarka and so many others.. The contestants came out to do a
theme song which was dedicated to the Chibok girls. I think that was a nice
touch, they then came out in their corporate wear. Usually you don’t see
that in pageants rather you’d see contestants come out in bikinis. However,
when contestant no 2 came out in her corporate wear with a makeup stain
(brown powder) on it and it was so obvious. (I am just saying what I saw oo)
then they came out in their evening wear. Their dresses were not bad at all.
Beautiful dresses by Needle Craft and it fit all of them well.. You know me,
if the dresses were not nice I would tell you. Contestant no 9 made a
mistake by coming out before she was called but she was smart enough to
quickly go back. The girls were nervous though! You could tell from their
voices when they came to describe their traditional attire… Really, it’s
not easy to face crowd oo! One thing I liked about the event was that some
of the contestants came up to showcase their talents.. Contestant no 9 tied
gele for a girl right there on stage and she tied it well, contestant no 7
performed one of her songs on stage, contestant no 11 danced to Kcee’s
‘Pullover’ , contestant no 6 sang ‘Beautiful’ by Frank Edwards while playing
the guitar, contestant no 15 did the Indian dance, the guests loved her
performance.. Contestant no 5, 7, 9,2,1,3,10,8 and 6 made it to top 10. The
selection by the judges didn’t go down well with the guests because they
felt contestant no 16 did well. In fact, Toyin Aimaku left the event in
annoyance .. I heard her say ‘ This is rubbish, I’m leaving’ people were
surprised at her but I think someone was able to calm her down. She came
back few minutes later. Like I was saying, the guests were not pleased with
the selection of the top 10. That caused an argument for about 5minutes and
one of the judges was asked to explain how they came about the selection..
We were told that they performed some tasks while in camp and the score for
that was 60 while the judges were to score the girls based on 40 marks at
the event… We were also told that the organizers were not just looking for
a queen with a pretty face but a queen who is also beautiful from the
inside… So, it was obvious that contestant no 16 didn’t do well in camp.
Immediately after the explanation, everyone took a chill pill and the event
proceeded with the award of sashes

Miss Photogenic – Contestant No – 2
Face of posh hair – Contestant No – 11
Most talented – Contestant No – 15
Miss congeniality – Contestant No – 15
Best traditional attain – Contestant No -7
Miss Global fashionistas – Contestant No -5
Best evening gown – Contestant No – 14

Top Five

Contestant No – 1
Contestant No – 7
Contestant No – 5
Contestant No – 9
Contestant No – 10

Top Four


Forth runner up – Contestant No 1
3rd runner up – Contestant No 9
2nd runner up – Contestant No 10
1st runner up – Contestant No 5
Winner – Contestant No 7

The event had some flops though! They served cold food, the drinks were not
cold… A beauty queen Miss Omolewa 2014 was served finger foods with a
drink that wasn’t opened, another guest had to use her
spoon to open the drink .that was not cool.. A queen should be treated as a queen
that she is. I am just saying. Then the lady that served finger foods from
Lerado wasn’t properly dressed, her belt was above the belt section.. It
didn’t send the right message about the brand. The drinks were served from a
big basin rather than waiters serving professionally. This for me didn’t
portray the Miss Global Nigeria brand in good light. I hope they would do better next year..
All the same, the event was a good one and I had a good time. I Got back home 11:30pm

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